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Can American Pharoah Keep Winning?

The odds-on favorite American Pharoah easily won the Kentucky Derby, even starting from a far outside post. Can American Pharoah do it again?

The field for The Preakness is much smaller compared to The Kentucky Derby. 19 horses race in the Kentucky Derby … a mere eight horses will race today in The Preakness. Who’s in the field?

1 – American Pharoah

2 – Dortmund

3 – Mr. Z

4 – Danzig Moon

5 – Tale of Verve

6 – Bodhisattva

7 – Divining Rod

8 – Firing Line

My friends at Derby Jackpot have some opinions on their race favorites for today.

Cory Moelis, the in-house handicapper at Derby Jackpot has his top three as follows:

1 – Firing Line, 2 – American Pharoah, 3 – Dortmund

Andrew Hessert, the younger brother of Derby Games cofounders Bill, Walter and Tom, is a lifelong horse enthusiast as well as anthropologist and mathematician. Andrew’s top three are:

1 – American Pharoah, 2 – Danzig Moon, 3 – Dortmund

Brian Rucker owns a horse racing website and picked the exact order of the Kentucky Derby finishers, has the following top three:

1 – American Pharoah, 2 – Firing Line, 3 – Dortmund

It’s funny, all three of these gentleman have Dortmund finishing third, and two of the three have American Pharoah winning his next race on his way to the triple crown, but I’m not so sure I agree with them. Of course, a big key to races such as this is how the horses break. If Firing Line had been behind American Pharoah at the Kentucky Derby instead of in front of him, would American Pharoah still have won? It’s hard to say, they are both equally talented horses, but placement has a lot to do with finishes. Does American Pharoah have the advantage being in the number one post, or does Firing Line really have the advantage by being in the number eight post?

Whatever horse you decide on today, don’t make these rookie mistakes:

  • Don’t pick the favorite just because he’s the favorite.
  • Don’t pick the long shot thinking you’re going to get rich quick.
  • Don’t pick a horse based on his color (no, grey horses are not faster, and no, there aren’t any grey horses in the Preakness today).

Okay, pick your horse, have fun watching The Preakness today, enjoy your Black-Eyed Susan (the drink of The Preakness) and may the best horse win!




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