Here Are a Bunch of Sports-Related Tide Pod Jokes

From government shutdowns to countless #metoo revelations, 2018 is off and running with bad news. The Tide Pod Challenge is further proof of humanity spinning out of control, but at least the ridiculousness associated with the fad has presented ample opportunities for joke writers and meme makers to humor us all.

Here are 10 sports-related and extremely stupid quips related to human beings eating detergent. (I can’t believe that’s a sentence I just wrote. smh)

The Blazers Logo, The Original Tide Pod

That’s Cute

Ya’ll eatin’ Tide Pods? That’s cute. Excuse me while I eat dirt.

Silver Lining

Glass half empty: People are eating Tide Pods. Sad.

Glass half full: Humanity might be in a better place without these people.

Alabama Slammers


Jesse “The Pody” Ventura

Wrestling is ballet with violence…and cleanliness.


Not so fast, Gronk.

Juuust Missed It

Tide left.

Tide right.


Enough is Enough

Tide Pods > “Intersection of sports and pop culture” pods

It’s Lit

When mom walks in with a grocery bag full of Tide Pods…

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