Brooklyn Nets and Deron Williams Complete Buyout

Deron Williams Brooklyn Nets

Over four years ago the then New Jersey Nets traded Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, a 2011 first round pick (Enes Kanter) and a 2013 first round pick (Gorgui Deng) to the Utah Jazz for point guard Deron Williams.

Now he’s being bought out of the last two seasons of his contract.

This is a big win for Brooklyn, just getting rid of D-wont is addition by subtraction. They’ll be bad, but they would have been regardless so why not clear that cap space for next summer when all the big free agents hit?

In Deron’s four full years with the Nets after being traded during the 2010-11 season, he played 70-plus games only once and his last two years he’s taken a complete nosedive in production averaging just 13.6 points while shooting 41.7 percent from the field.

Max player he is not and the Nets should be relieved he’s finally out of Brooklyn. If only they actually had and/or controlled a first round pick before 2019.

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