Bret Hart on White Wrestlers Using N-Word, Hogan & CM Punk’s Effect

Bret Hart has always been one to speak his mind, while not all of it has been the popular opinion, he continues to speak it and we listen. Hart took to Periscope to do a Q&A with TSN and he goes over a bunch of different questions from his favorite heel to the Hulk Hogan situation.

While it has never been a secret that Hart and Hogan didn’t get a long it’s interesting to see the level of sympathy he shows to Hogan at first.

This does bring up the topic of racial slurs in the locker room. He talk a little about the usage of the n-word in past locker rooms. I was expecting him to drop some names here but for some reason this is where he decides to hold back on us.

“A vast majority of the white, Southern wrestlers tend to be a little bit racial all the time,” he said, “and the N-word was frequently used by a lot of wrestlers in the dressing room when there was a black guy not around…And being Canadian, I found that really difficult. I didn’t see eye-to-eye with that kind of stuff and never felt like that, and I’ve never been in that kind of mindset. But for Hulk Hogan to make the comments that he made, that is something if you had a camera like that in most of the dressing rooms with a lot of the Southern wrestlers from Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, even Texas, you get a lot of that kind of slant on things. And I’m kinda glad he got busted for that reason, that times have changed and you know, you have to answer for that stuff, and he’s answering for it.”

While he seemed pretty sympathetic to Hogan’s situation at first he started to quickly switch his demeanor about this. He rather nonchalantly throw out there that he feels like Hogan must have been happy that Piper died because it took the heat off him.

I was taken back by that comment, it was a pretty bold comment to make. When asked if he liked Hogan he simply replied “No I don’t, I think he is a phony piece of shit.”

What this video taught me was if there is anyone Bret hates more than Hogan is his brother’s widow. Man he really has a strong distaste for her and what she has done to Owen’s legacy. He goes on an interest tangent about what she has done wrong. I’m going to assume things are still not good between the families.

Some other highlights from the video:
– Kevin Owens is currently his favorite heel and wrestler in the WWE. He makes a comment about how he doesn’t view Owens to be fat, but rather a brick house.
– He says wrestling hasn’t been the same since CM Punk left. Basically calls Punk a martyr for today’s up and coming wrestlers.
– Puts over Stardust (Cody Rhodes) as the best technical wrestler.
– He also throws a little shade towards Jake Roberts on here.
– Basically shits on all of the producers/agents which was interesting.
– Makes the claim that if Owen doesn’t go in this year, he won’t go back till some form of the Hart Foundation gets in.

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