Bo Pelini Raises Cat During The Tunnel Walk At Nebraska Spring Game, The Internet Explodes, @FauxPelini & Tim Miles Respond


Saturday’s Husker spring game in Lincoln, Nebraska got off to a great start when usually grumpy head coach Bo Pelini paid homage to internet sensation @FauxPelini by hoisting a cat to the crowd as he came through the tunnel walk. @FauxPelini’s response was ‘puuuurfect’.

Nicely done. (h/t
Nicely done, @FauxPelini.

Even Nebraska’s head basketball coach chimed in on Bo’s cat-tacular entrance.

From one Husker coach to another.
From one Husker coach to another.

The MVP of Nebraska’s spring game may end up being Coach Pelini. Or his cat. Either way, the real winners today were college football fans getting to see it’s resident “get off my lawn!” coach having some fun with the fans.

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