Imagining What The First Few Outline Pages of Bill Clinton’s Political Thriller Look Like


Last week, it was revealed that former President Bill Clinton was working on a political thriller with author James Patterson called The President is Missing. Which may seem pretty obvious since our President isn’t at the White House most of the time right now.

Politicus USA

Assuming that the book itself isn’t some kind of elaborate hoax that just has “CHECK MAR A LAGO” in 95 point Bold Font inside the cover, The President is Missing could be a taut, accurately vetted political thriller with insider knowledge that establishes Clinton and Patterson as a dynamic writing team.

Or, and this idea seems to be more commonly held, it could be a total disaster.

With myself entrenched firmly into this camp we did what any self respecting blogger oils do when trying to break a big story. Did no research, contacted zero sources and paid someone​ named “Shillary Blimpton” a bunch of Bitcoin to hack Hillary’s emails. In fact, the whole process went so smoothly, it was almost like the hacker had done this before.

Here are the first few pages of outline of Bill Clinton’s Novel. It’s​ still a long ways away from finished, but it provides a fascinating look into the mind of the former President-turned-writer.

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