Big Brother Power Rankings I (7/3)

(Gone Without A Jace)

Jace Agolli

The first eviction episode of the season could have been name “Fait Accompli”. Translation “an accomplished mission”. The mission, backdoor Jace and send him packing. From the moment James & Jason figured out their target and hatched the plan, Jace’s eviction went off like clockwork.

It was an impressive debut from an unlikely duo. Jason, out and proud. James, country and proud. But from the moment they stepped into the HOH bedroom, they went to work, using their position to effect the change they wanted. It was pretty flawless.

Then, there’s Audrey. She made a strong opening statement. Telling everyone who she was and what she is all about. Then things got weird. The apex of weirdness was the midnight round-up of half the house. Creating a “16 person alliance” as James cracked. It was about as subtle as a Kardashian in a chastity belt. It also alienated a lot of allies. Causing James to second guess the plan, if only for a moment. And that’s why she’s #15 in our initial #BB17 Power Rankings.

Power Rankings

h/t: movietvtechgeeks.com

h/t: movietvtechgeeks.com

#1- Jason. He’s playing a smart game. He’s still himself, but not to the point of driving everyone away. He’s holding back & playing the game.

#2- Austin. Perhaps an unlikely spot for the guy who was total Bros with the first house guest that was evicted. But he was never in the mix to get the boot. And he was the first to pick-up on the fact that Jace was not long for the house.

#3- James. Every season has a house guest that fits a specific role. James is the “hick”. Jarring as he’s Asian. He’s also done a deft job of defying stereotypes and getting some work done.

#4- Becky. A bit of surprise at number four, but… After initially turning into a gelatinous mess when she was put up on the block, she bounced back to win a challenge to get herself off the block and then won an HOH competition. Not too shabby.

#5- Shelli. This is pretty much based solely on her HOH win. Beyond that she’s been a bit of a floater. And it appears she’s taken it down a notch with regards to getting into Clay’s pants. But who knows, I’m not watching the live feed.

#6- Steve. The virgin nerd king trombonist. His emotions may end up getting the better of him, but when it came time to save his own ass, Steve stepped up. Earning some respect along the way.

#7- Liz/Julia. In my first post I wrote the Liz looked like a generic Scarlett Johansson and sounded like a generic Fran Drescher. Well, now that I know she has an identical twin sister that’s been playing the game with her, she’s a lot hotter. It’s a weird and unavoidable circumstance.

#8- Jeff. He’s still like oatmeal. His only discernible plan is to stay away from Jackie and try to “spin some game” on Meg.

#9- Vanessa. Her biggest strength in the first eviction show was not mentioning that she played poker. Professionally.

#10- Meg. Shutup, Meg.

#11- John. The most I can say, he was less Ren like this week. One note, as the “have nots” bedroom is a dated dentists office, the potential for some weird stuff with John… and probably only John, now exists.

#12- Jackie. She is also like oatmeal. Cold oatmeal with a sizable rack.

#13- Da’Vonne. She started out strong. Showed some serious potential. But then tried to get her game on and lost all sense of emotional control. “Momma Da” might be “Momma Gone” if she can’t keep her emotions in check.

#14- Clay. For better or worse, Clay was the catalyst to Da’Vonne’s emotional venting. So far he’s gotten along by being a decent guy and very pretty. But that could catch up to him in the very near future.

#15- Audrey. I get the feeling that she could be the most volatile house guest, strictly in terms of rankings. I would have placed her close to the top based on first impressions. But her midnight misadventure might be her undoing.

So there you have it, my completely unscientific rankings.



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