Big Brother Power Rankings VIII (August 25, 2015)

Jedi Mind Tricks

CBS/Big Brother/Lucas Films

CBS/Big Brother/Lucas Films

Not since Audrey’s brief, but spectacular, run has the house seen this much angst and consternation. I’m writing, of course, about Vanessa. The professional poker player and amateur mind melter.

Everyone, seemingly, wants her gone. And yet, she remains. It’s bizarre.

It’s not like the houseguests are unaware of consistent talking out of both sides of her mouth. They know. They hate it. They do nothing about it. I’m sure that creative editing plays a bit of a role in all of this, but for the most part it what is it is. She pisses everyone off. Then she puts on a show of contrition and escapes the block.

I don’t know if it’s because she’s a superior player, or because everyone (but Becky) is a slave to her verbal puking. Whoever it is, she’s a master at it.

#1- Vanessa ⬆️ How can it not be?

#2- Austin ⬆️ Last week’s bottom dweller is only this high by virtue of being the HOH. I don’t really respect his game play but he’s been able to survive and advance due to his ability to develop a relationship with the only other power pair in the house.

#3- James ⬆️ He’s continued to be a savvy game player and quasi-leader of the misfits.

#4- Liz ⬇️ She’s been an adequate game player, but not a special one. Like Austin, her biggest asset is the fact that she’s part of a power trio. She’s the hub for the erstwhile wrestler and her twin sister. Not a bad place to be if it gets you to the end.

#5- Julia ⬇️ She wants to be a player, but she’s mostly a floater. If it gets her to the end, can’t knock the hustle.

#6- John ⬇️ I think Johnny Mac is as close to being a BB All-Star as there is in the house. Popular enough to survive to this far and but not valued enough to enjoy the blanket protection that Vanessa enjoys. I hope he escapes again this week. He’s the guy I want to see win.

Fox/Fuzzy Door Productions

Fox/Fuzzy Door Productions

#7- Meg ⬆️ Shut up, Meg.

#8- Steve ⬇️ I can’t tell if he’s Keyser Söse or Verbal? If he had somehow managed to avoid the block, he’d be higher. If he had managed to talk Johnny off the block, he’d be higher. But he didn’t, so here he sits.

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