Big Brother Power Rankings VII (August 14, 2015)

Double The Evictions, Double The Fun

CBS/Big Brother

CBS/Big Brother

Well that was fun! This week’s “Double Eviction” proves that (unless you’re devoted to the live feeds) you never really know what’s going to happen till the vote is in. All week Becky said that she wanted Vanessa out. Initially it looked like her plan to backdoor the professional poker was going to come to fruition. Steve finally stepped up, momentarily stopped talking to himself, and won the POV, removing himself from the block. That opened the window for Becky to make her move.

And then everything changed.

It’s not like the house booting Shelli was a total shock. Towards the end of Wednesday night’s show James started making the case to evict the other half of this year’s showmance. But that felt like a BB misdirection. Some creative editing. Only this time it panned out that way. To her credit Shelli took it in stride. For me that was essentially proof that Clay’s eviction had taken the wind out of her sails.

After that it was a full-on circus. Prior to this week’s POV contest Johnny Mac clued in Steve to a little fact that the music was literally oblivious to. Steve wasn’t a target. Never has been. The dentist, sensing Steve’s confusion, telling him “You haven’t won anything, buddy.” That might have lit a fire under Mr. Moses. All he’s done since then is win a POV battle in convincing fashion. Following that with a HOH win and an instant nomination of Meg and Jackie. And since Johnny Mac declined to use his POV, Jackie had to go. At last, the house is out of oatmeal.

#1- Johnny Mac ⬆️ The dentist in Penn State gear has become a runaway fan favorite. He’s odd. He’s really odd. But he’s also pretty real. He’s just being himself. The vibe I’m getting is that Austin is the only one that isn’t on the bandwagon. Probably because he can envision John getting to the end.

#2- Becky ⬆️ She wasn’t completely cutthroat this past week, but she was mostly cutthroat. Despite an early vow not to tell the rest of the houseguests about her plan to backdoor Vanessa, there were few people that she didn’t tell. Regardless, her plan came of. Of course it went off the rails during the vote, but that’s incidental.

#3- Liz ⬆️ Not sure how she won HOH, but the fact that she has means she’s going to have to make some noise this week. Beyond that she’s actually falling for Austin. That has to be a liability.

#4- Julia ⬆️ She’s here by virtue of her sisters accession. Other than being grossed out by Liz and Austin.. (Laustin?) She’s done nothing of significance in the house. But she can wield some influence over Liz and that has to be considered.

#5- James ⬇️ Had enough juice to flip the eviction of Vanessa to an eviction for Shelli. A very savvy, if inelegant, gameplayer.

#6- Steve ⬆️ Finally pulled his head out of the clouds and got into the game. Showed some fight in getting himself off the block. Then backed that up with an HOH win and sending the ever-so bland Jackie home. Nobody will care that she’s gone. So he bumped everyone up a spot and got no blood on his hands. Well done.

#7- Vanessa ⬇️ Quite a wild week for her. Was the target of a backdoor plot. Got really emotional. Some how survived. She’s not the player I thought she was. She lets her emotions get the best of her. Only a matter of time before that catches up to her.

#8- Meg ⬆️ Shut up, Meg.

Fox/Fuzzy Door Productions/CBS/Big Brother

Fox/Fuzzy Door Productions/CBS/Big Brother

#9- Austin ⬇️ Also not the gameplayer I thought he was. His libido is running his game and it’s grown incredibly tiresome.

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