Big Brother Power Rankings VI (August 7, 2015)

CBS/Big Brother

CBS/Big Brother

The Fall of #Clelli

CBS/Big Brother/CelebrityDirtyLaundry.com

CBS/Big Brother/CelebrityDirtyLaundry.com

The only question this week was which one would it be? Clay? Or Shelli? Thursday night we got our answer. It wasn’t the one I expected. The move by James to put the house’s only actual “showmance” on the block was a shrewd one.

Sure he “promised” to keep them safe if Shelli dropped out of the HOH comp, essentially handing the win to James. But in the BB world promises are said to be broken. It was a fatal move on her part. A clear sign that she’d become all too comfortable with the Sixth Sense’s run of dominance.

For the second straight week it was a nomination that sent shockwaves through the house. Only this time it was the other side dropping the bomb. Predictably Clay and Shelli got emotional and defensive. James, Vanessa and Austin all felt their wrath to some degree. None of which helped their case. In fact, it sealed the deal. Because when James took home the POV he knew that the duo’s days were done.

Of course this was all fallout from last week’s shock nomination, and eviction, of Jason. It was pretty clear that, for James, this was personal. Would things have been markedly different if Austin was given the boot? I don’t know, but I think it would have been the smartest play for the Sixth Sense. Austin was ripe for the booting and Vanessa folded, setting up this week’s decision.

For me the eviction was a bit of a surprise. Shelli was clearly a superior player to Clay. I’m not sure, if given the chance, I’d let her stick around. We’ll see how that plays out. I’m thinking it’ll either strengthen her resolve or break it.

#1- James ⬆️ He pulled the trigger on a big, and popular, power play with his crowd in the house. That’ll earn him lots of credit and allies. Both of which he’ll need now that the herd is thinning.

#2- Vanessa ↔️ Once again she got a little emotional when things got a little rocky, but I don’t think that hurt her game. At least not yet. She’s still one of the sharpest minds in the house and she’ll have to be reckoned with before it’s all said and done.

#3- Becky ⬆️ With Her HOH win Thursday night she’s set to make some moves. Who will it be? The twins? John? Only time will tell, but the rank of HOH means she’s got some juice, at least for this week. Prediction, she puts the twins up. OR nominates John twice.

#4- Shelli ⬇️ There’s no doubt she’s hurt/sad/mad/lonely, you name it. BUT, until she makes that long walk to be interviewed by Julie Chen, she’s a serious player.

#5- Julia ⬆️ I think she’s finally starting to find her footing now that she’s free to play the game as herself. She seems to be a bit more shrewd than her sister. It’ll be interesting to see how this next week plays out.

#6- Liz ⬇️ Where there’s one, you’ll find the other. I think her weakness is beginning to show itself, but as long as Julia and, of course, Austin are still in the game, she should be safe.

#7- Austin ⬆️ Did some nice work with James to keep himself safe, but is only this high because he’s at least willing to play the game. Which can’t be said for the group behind him.

#8- John ⬇️ Since his run of POV wins came to an end, John hasn’t made much noise. I won’t go so far as to call him a floater, but he’s getting close.

#9- Steve ⬇️ FLOATER. It may very well be a winning strategy, but it’s also a boring one. He’s done little to this point to convince me he’s a player.

10- Meg ↔️ Shut up, Meg.

Fox/Fuzzy Door Productions CBS/Big Brother

Fox/Fuzzy Door Productions
CBS/Big Brother

11- Jackie ⬇️ She’s finally starting to assert herself, but I’m not sure if was because she’s finally stepping up, or because she had no love for Clay and/or Shelli. Until I see some evidence of the former, I’ll assume it’s the latter. Call her Queen Floater.

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