Big Brother Power Rankings V (July 31, 2015)


Origin Unknown

Origin Unknown

Not sure about you, but I did not see that coming. Let’s see if I have this right…

Austin angers the “Sixth Sense” by running his mouth.
The “Sixth Sense” comes up with a plan to backdoor him.
The plan doesn’t go the way they intended.
Still, the option to backdoor Austin lives after Clay wins the POV.
Austin throws a wrench into the plan by pleading, in part, for a chick (Liz) that’s not into him.
Vanessa lets her emotions get the better of her.
So she puts Jason on the block.
Jason gets the boot.



I’m not saying Jason wasn’t a smart target. He was. It’s just the way it all went down that left a very bad taste in my mouth. In the parlance of ‘Game of Thrones’, he deserved a clean death. He did not get one.

For the first time Vanessa, the professional poker player, let her emotions get the better of her. It was a good reminder of exactly how tough it is to get through ‘Big Brother’ using your intellect alone.

So now what? Julia has entered the game. Austin has (privately) professed his love for Liz. Liz has admitted (privately) she doesn’t have a thing for Austin. I predict it’s going to get weird and uncomfortable. And I think Vanessa is going to regret not sticking to the plan. For someone that didn’t want “any blood” on her hands, they are now a crimson mess. The thing is, I don’t think James, Meg, Steve or Becky has the wherewithal to get Vanessa out. So she’ll probably move forward without much issue.

#1- Shelli ⬆️ For the most part she’s gotten exactly what she’s wanted every week. She has “enemies” in the house, but nobody has been able to get the drop on her. Without knowing who is the new HOH, I’m forced to put her at the top.

#2- Vanessa ⬇️ Despite what I believe to be a tactical blunder, she has to have the backing of all of the major players left in the game. Beyond that, she needs to keep her emotions in check. She’s a much better player when she’s strictly thinking about what’s best for her game.

#3- Clay ⬆️ The Aggie finally showed what he can bring to the game. Superior fitness and the ability to get his mind right for physical challenges. That POV was impressive.

#4- John ⬆️ A relatively easy week for the man who is use to fighting for his life in the game. He’s well liked by virtually everyone in the house. His game is just where he needs it to be. People know he’s a force, but they’re not exactly intimidated by him.

#5- Liz ⬆️ She’s in a curious position. Keep leading Austin along and enjoy the benefit of his “protection”? Or let him know the truth and run the risk of having him work against her.

#6- Julia ⬆️ She’s here because I know her sister will do whatever it takes to keep her in the game. That said, there’s no telling how her chemistry will work with the rest of the houseguest.

#7- Becky ⬆️ Of the floaters in the house she seems most likely to be able to hang on and give getting to the final a solid shot.

#8- Steve ⬇️ Is this guy ever going to do anything of significance in the house? All signs point to no.

#9- James ⬇️ Not only was his obsession over Vanessa’s, happily married, mother a bit creepy, it was very revealing. James may have some game savvy in him, but mostly he’s really into chicks.

#10- Meg ⬆️ Shut up, Meg.

Fox/Fuzzy Door Productions

Fox/Fuzzy Door Productions

#11- Jackie ⬆️ She is, perhaps, the most bland person on the planet. Ok, that’s a bit hyperbolic, but I can’t think of anyone, anywhere, that’s as boring as she is.

#12- Austin ⬇️ By far the biggest drop for any of the houseguests this season. He’s got a few things going against him. First, he’s not as smart as he thinks he his. While he survived his gambit with Jason, it almost cost him. Second, he’s fallen for a chick that doesn’t share his feelings. Lastly, he thinks he knocked it out of the park last week. I think he’s lying to himself. And that’s a tough thing to overcome.

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