Big Brother Power Rankings IV (July 25, 2015)


CBS/Big Brother

CBS/Big Brother

It was the eviction long overdue.

I doubt “bye, Audrey” will ever have the same colloquial cache as “bye, Felicia”, but it was no doubt said with just as much enthusiasm from the remaining houseguests.

After weeks of successfully employing a rope-a-dope style of game play, Audrey, seemingly emboldened by surviving two close calls, went back about her business in the same manner that put the target on her back in the first place. It cost her.

This was by far the most interesting, and often strange, week in the house. At the center of it all, Audrey. For her it seemed that she either played the game at 100, or didn’t play at all. Both are losing strategies, but the former will get you packing long before the latter.

An inability to find a single tact, and take it, was her Achilles heel. Dooming herself by trying to play people off of each other with no real thought as to the dynamics of their relationships with the people she was targeting. From James, to Jason, to Shelli/Clay (Shay? Maybe Clelli?), to Vanessa, it was blunder, followed by misstep, followed by lies.

Once Vanessa used the POV to take Jason off the block, Audrey knew it was over. What followed was one of the most bizarre downward spirals the franchising has ever seen. From skipping out on the Veto Ceremony to sleeping in the diary room for hours, Audrey’s erratic behavior truly worried the remaining houseguests.

There were two genuinely sincere moments that all this drama created. The first was when James, in the middle of the night, made Audrey an omelet and took it to her (still in seclusion) out of actual concern. It was the kind of thing you can’t predict in a cutthroat game for $500k. The second was when Audrey, moments before her eviction, thanked everyone for how they accepted her into the house. After her big announcement on move-in day, her gender was (as it should be) a non-issue. Something that certainly speaks to the real character of the houseguests.

Through all of the chaos and emotional confrontations a picture of the game’s real players began to emerge. That means a change at the top of this week’s power rankings.

#1- Vanessa. ⬆️ The real skills of this professional poker player are starting to emerge. She’s smart, analytical and has an emotional compass that, most of the time, stays true north. After smoking the POV and HOH comps, she showed that she might be good enough to get to the end without making a “big move”.

#2- Shelli. ↔️ I’m going to have to start giving her a bit more credit. She’s had two successful stints as the HOH and appears be savvy enough to keep an alliance together.

#3- Jason. ⬇️ I know he thinks he’s alone in the game, but I don’t see it that way. He’s a smart game player and has the ear of several in the house. I still expect him to be there in the end.

#4- Austin. ⬇️ It’s pretty clear that Austin has a good sense about when to engage and when to float. It remains to be seen how much longer he’ll able to play that way, but for now, he maintains his status as a favorite.

#5- John. ⬇️ This is a slide by only the slimmest of margins. John’s proving to be a capable challenge competitor and a favorite of virtually all of the house guests. He’s goofy, garrulous and endearing.

#6- Clay. ↔️ I’m not sure if his decision to ride or die with Shelli is the right one, but it’s the one he seems determined to see through. As far as showmances go, this one has been fairly tame to this point. aka boring.

#7- James. ⬆️ In house full of seemingly good people, James is a cut above. His act of kindness towards Audrey stood in stark contrast to everyone who did nothing more than watch her meltdown.

#8- Liz/Julia. ⬇️ They’ve played the Twist Twist seemingly to perfection. If they can make it one more week they’ll both be in the house competing as individuals. Should be an interesting week.

#9- Steve. ⬆️ I think he’s beginning to come out of his self. Not sure if that’s a good thing for his game, but it’s definitely a good thing for him.

#10- Becky. ⬇️ She’s perhaps the most underrated of all the house guests. I have a feeling that she could quickly rise up the rankings in short order. Or… She could keep floating and remain an inconsequential player.

#11- Meg. ⬇️ Shut up, Meg.

Universal/Fuzzy Door Productions

Universal/Fuzzy Door Productions

#12- Jackie. ⬇️ I don’t care if she did win an HOH comp, she’s still oatmeal. Cold, boring oatmeal.

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