“Better Call Saul” Episode 1.4 – Review/Recap

“Saul’s good, man” – Jimmy McGill responding to a victim of his con.

Recent episodes have these flashback sequences of Jimmy McGill(Slippin’ Jimmy) to give the viewer a better understanding of who this guy really is and the eventual path he takes to better himself, even if that means staging a rescue attempt. We’ll get to that later.

So, the Kettleman’s were found but with the $1.6 million (they believe it is their right to the money because they deserve it) that was alleged stolen. In order to solidify doing business and after walking five miles to find them, Jimmy assumes he’s hired to represent them but the Kettleman’s said that he looks like a lawyer for guilty people and give him a large sum of money for him to not say anything instead. Knowing this is unethical, Jimmy decides to take the money and use it to build himself and gain more clients.


*Ad billboard for Jimmy McGill. He looks like an older Adam Sandler here.

Jimmy attempts to legalize the newfound cash by putting in his books that the money was obtained via his services to a client (and other miscellaneous fees). He also gives himself a brand new suit and pampers himself with the deep discount he receives at the nail salon, where his office is attached to. So, things are looking on the up and up for Jimmy. This is until his advertising billboard pisses off the well known other McGill law firm as it looks to be a direct copy of their logo.

This sets up a scene where Jimmy is filming his own story about how a rich law firm wants him to take down his advertising as he’s just trying to make it as a businessman. During the filming, the maintenance worker that was removing the billboard fell off the rafter and was dangling from a cord. Springing into action, Jimmy climbs up the ladder (with commuters stopped to watch the drama unfold and the camera man continuing to film) and eventually rescues the worker who responds with “what took you so long”? better-call-saul-hero_home_top_story

Kim (played by Rhea Seehorn), who works at the ‘rich, well established law firm’ and is friends with Jimmy, actually admires the hero stunt whether it was a con or not. The “heroic” deed even landed on Albuquerque Times front page. Jimmy attempts to hide this fact from his brother (Chuck) but he, himself, was too suspicious and risked his life looking to obtain a neighbors newspaper.

To have this show perform so well so soon is really saying something. Every week we learn something new about Jimmy and how his cons from his apathetic days are very much still in use while he’s a lawyer. The title of this episode is “Hero” and this is examined in a different light. Can the selfish Jimmy actually be a hero? Is the idea of a hero purely singular perception? We do want Jimmy to succeed and become a success as a lawyer but his conning ways will later define him as we all know from “Breaking Bad”.

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