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The Best and Worst of College Football’s Week 6: Blown Calls, Blown Coverages, and Blown Gaskets

Baylor and Florida State lay the hammers down, Texas benefits from a blown call (AGAIN), and Georgia becomes the walking wounded. This is week 6.

The Bests and Worsts of Week 6:

Best: The Turtles Get Tomahawk Chopped

Florida State 63, Maryland 0.

JAMEIS, who threw five touchdowns, led the ‘Noles over the Terps in historic fashion. In fact, then #25 Maryland’s defeat tied for the most lopsided loss EVER by a ranked team.

Why would I have a blowout between two ranked teams marked down as a BEST? Because THE Game, at least in the ACC, is still in tact. Anything that preserves the October 19th clash between Florida State and Clemson gets an automatic BEST from me.

Worst: The Stoppable Force Meets The Movable Object

Southern Miss was 16 point favorites against Florida International despite losing 16 games in a row. And. They. Still. Lost.

If only these teams were playing for a draft pick or something.

Best: Baylor Dropping Bombs

West Virginia was supposed to pose a test for the explosive Baylor offense. Yeah…about that….

Worst, Best, and Worst again: Everything about that Texas-ISU Tilt

Honest question: Has Texas ever been on the short end of a game-deciding call? While a member of the Big XII?

I had a hard time deciding what to do with this game. For starters, this blown call by the officials was definitely a WORST. But without that call, we wouldn’t have Paul Rhodes losing his mind, which is definitely a BEST.

Well, that was definitely awesome, but then I remembered this happened…AUTOMATIC WORST.

Best: Hail BEER State

Last item from that Cyclone-Horns game, I promise.

Iowa State is Beer State

Worst: Sick (Hurt) Puppies

If I’m Mark Richt, I don’t even want to hear any other team in the country discuss injuries.

Before Saturday’s game against the Vols, the Dawgs were already down Malcom Mitchell, Todd Gurley, Tray Matthews and Connor Norman. After the game was over, they were down Michael Bennett, Justin Scott-Wesley, Keith Marshall and Collin Barber. Marshall and Scott-Wesley’s injuries were bad enough that they were lost for the year. OOOOUUUUUCHHH.

Clemson thought this was a WORST too since they’re big out-of-conference win may lose it’s luster at the end of the year.

Best: Kenny Bell and DeAndrew White, Welcome to the Matrix

Which do you prefer?




deandrew white

Worst: Cal Player Penalized for Celebrating Play That Never Happened

Evidently, Cal defensive back Michael Lowe was down waaaaay before he celebrated his apparent pick six against Wazzu. He was rewarded with an insult-to-injury unsportsmanlike conduct penalty though.



Best: The Greatest Two-Point Conversion of All-Time?

According to SMU head coach June Jones, this amazing Two-point play was all Garrett Gilbert. Too bad it was all for naught, as the Rutger eventually pulled off a 55-52 in three overtimes.

You tell me if this play shouldn’t have been worth more than two.

Obligatory Samantha Steele* Photo:

*Her mama call her Steele, I’mma call her Steele

Yeah...about that whole playoff committee comment, David.

Yeah…about that whole playoff committee comment, David.

The Top 25 Recapped…sort of:

No. 1 Alabama 45 (5-0) , Georgia State 3 (0-5)

No. 2 Oregon 57 (5-0) , Colorado 16 (2-2): Somehow, this was way closer than I expected.

No. 3 Clemson 49 (5-0) , Syracuse 14 (2-3)

No. 4 Ohio State 40 (6-0) , No. 16 Northwestern 30 (4-1): NEVER bet on college football, folks.

No. 5 Stanford 31 (5-0) , No. 15 Washington 28 (4-1): Firstly, I never thought any team would compile 30 first downs on the Stanford defense this season. Secondly, how do you lose a game, let alone NEVER lead at any point in the game with 30 first downs? The Huskies earned my respect this game, but will they recover in time to hang with the Ducks next week?

No. 6 Georgia 34 (4-1) , Tennessee 31 (3-3) (OT): Oh, Pig. 


No. 7 Louisville 30 (5-0) , Temple 7 (0-5)

No. 8 Florida State 63 (5-0) , No. 25 Maryland 0 (4-1)

No. 10 LSU 59 (5-1) , Mississippi State 26 (2-3)

No. 11 Oklahoma 20 (5-0) , TCU 17 (2-3)

No. 12 UCLA 34 (4-0) , Utah 27 (3-2)

No. 13 South Carolina 35 (4-1) , Kentucky 28 (1-4)

No. 14 Miami (FL) 45 (5-0) , Georgia Tech 30 (3-2)

No. 17 Baylor 73 (4-0) , West Virginia 42 (3-3)

No. 18 Florida 30 (4-1) , Arkansas 10 (3-3)

No. 19 Michigan 42 (5-0) , Minnesota 13 (4-2)

No. 20 Texas Tech 54 (5-0) , Kansas 16 (2-2)

No. 21 Oklahoma State 33 (4-1) , Kansas State 29 (2-3)

Notre Dame 37 (4-2) , No. 22 Arizona State 34 (3-2)

No. 23 Fresno State 61 (5-0) , Idaho 14 (1-5)

Auburn 30 (4-1) , No. 24 Ole Miss 22 (3-2): Everything nice you said about Ole Miss a few weeks back? Yeah, just use them on Auburn now.

Must-see TV for Week 8:

All the games you need to see will be done by early Saturday evening. Plan your parties and date nights accordingly.

No. 7 Louisville vs. Rutgers (7:30 PM EST): This is the game of the year in whatever conference these two schools are in.


No. 6 Georgia vs. No. 25 Missouri (Noon): Mizzou couldn’t have asked for a better time to play the Dawgs. I still think Georgia pulls this off. Because PINKEL.

No. 11 Oklahoma vs. Texas (Noon): Well Mack, enjoy your last fried butter helping.

No. 10 LSU vs. No. 17 Florida (3:30 PM): These games are always physical. Why expect anything different here?

No. 16 Northwestern at Wisconsin (3:30 PM): Northwestern goes from nearly knocking off the unbeatable Buckeyes to now facing a “must-win” against Wisconsin. Lose this one and you’re more or less out of the B1G Legends race.

No. 2 Oregon at No. 16 Washington (4:00 PM): Does Washington have enough in the tank to slow down the Mighty Ducks?



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