Former Bear & Viking WR Bernard Berrian Robbed by a Former Teammate

In April, Bernard Berrian was sitting at a BBQ when he got an urgent email from his security company saying that the motion detectors inside his house had gone off.  Before calling the police, Berrian looked at the video from the security cameras inside – he previously had those installed when his house had been robbed twice before and $30k cash ended up missing.  When Berrian pulled up the live feed, he was shocked at what he saw.  His friend, Therrian Fontenot, was the one doing the robbing.  Berrian and Fontenot had been friends for a long time and had been teammates in college at Fresno State.  Berrian said he wasn’t as shocked at the fact it was Fontenot doing it, but the fact that Fontenot had just been at the exact same BBQ he was still sitting at!

Berrian spent 7 seasons in the NFL – 4 with the Bears and 3 with the Vikings.  He had one Super Bowl appearance with the Bears in SB XLI against the Colts.

Fontenot plead no contest and will serve 6 months in jail.  Looking back, Berrian said that Fontenot always had a strange habit of wanting to know where he was all the time.  He would call when Berrian was out of town and if he couldn’t get a hold of him, Fontenot would call their mutual friends asking where Bernard was.  Turns out, he really wanted to know so he could break in and steal from his so-called friend.  “I mean I hate seeing people go to jail and I hate seeing people get locked up but he got what he had coming to him,” Berrian said.

Source: CBSsports

featured image h/t: CBS Minnesota

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