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Battle of the Dynasties: Mid-90’s Nebraska Vs. Present-Day Alabama

If only we could watch these 2 match-up at the height of their powers...

If only we could watch these 2 match up at the height of their powers…

It was inevitable after Bama crushed Notre Dame and clinched their 3rd National Title in 4 years that the “Who was better?” arguments would start rolling in between Husker fans and the Tide faithful.

Grant Wistrom and Christian Peter vs. Barrett Jones and the rest of that behemoth offensive line. The Dont’a Hightower/Mark Barron-led defense against the maestro of the option Tommie Frazier. Tom Osborne matching wits with Nick Saban, for reals this time.

These are match-ups we’ll never see but what we can do though is take a look at both dynasties by the numbers.

Win/Loss record during title run: 

Nebraska 4-year record: 49-2

Alabama 4-year record: 49-5

Undefeated Seasons during title run:

Nebraska – 3

Alabama – 1

Performance in National Title Games: 

24-17 vs. #3 Miami in the Orange Bowl
62-24 vs. #2 Florida in the Fiesta Bowl
44-17 vs. #3 Tennessee in the Orange Bowl

37-21 vs. #2 Texas
21-0 vs. #1 LSU
42-14 vs. #1 Notre Dame

Losses during 4-year span: 

@ #17 Arizona State 0-19
vs Texas 27-37 in Big 12 Championship

Alabama Losses
@ #19 South Carolina 21-35
@ #10 LSU 21-24
#2 Auburn 27-28
#1 LSU 6-9 OT
#15 Texas A&M 24-29

AP ranking in non-championship season:

Nebraska: #6
Alabama: #10

Conference championships during title run:

Nebraska: 3
Alabama: 2

After looking at all this you tell me who was better. Of course this argument could become all for not if Saban’s bunch continues to win championships in the next few years. Can Saban fight his urge to get back in the NFL to continue his  dominance in the collegiate ranks though?




  1. Danny T (D's Nuts)

    January 10, 2013 at 7:41 am

    Good to see the numbers – I’m glad you did the research for me and I will use this for arguing purposes at a minimum until roughly Jan 6 of next year when I assume the national championship game will be played. Hopefully Bama is nowhere near that game (or even a post new year’s game for that matter) and Nebraska will continue to be the greatest college football dynasty of all time! Go Big Red!

    • Derek Hernandez

      January 10, 2013 at 1:27 pm

      Fo sho. I was hoping people would reply with even more numbers comparing the 2 runs so we would have a comprehensive list on the site but no such luck so far.

  2. JP

    January 11, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Alabama is from the South= terrible
    Nebraska is from the North=awesome

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