Baltimore Ravens’ Fans Are Maniacs Just Look At Roland Brown


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The Baltimore Ravens, and their fans have had a lot to enjoy over the last 13 seasons with two Super Bowl trophies, 14 playoff wins, and nine playoff appearances. To say Ravens’ fans enjoy what is going on is an understatement.

Just follow a big time Ravens’ fan in Roland Brown, and see what I mean as he made a great Raven Maniac music video right outside of M&T Bank Stadium. He’s turning into quite the star his video has been featured on the most popular Ravens’ website (outside of the Baltimore Ravens official website of course) on the net at

Roland Brown talks about the Ravens’ haters in his song, and I couldn’t agree more. Over the years, the Ravens have always been looked upon as a red-head step child in the NFL as the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Indianapolis Colts get most of the press.

The funny thing is, the Ravens have more playoff wins than both the Steelers, and the Colts since 2000 while also having a winning record in the playoffs against the Patriots during that time.

Now that the Ravens are the defending Super Bowl champions, they are still doubted, and a lot of people have ruled out the Ravens this season with their 3-4 record along with the fact that Ray Lewis, and Ed Reed are gone.

But it is interesting how when Lewis, and Reed were on the Ravens’ roster for the last five years, a lot of critics said that the Ravens’ defense was too old, and they couldn’t perform the way they used to.

But now that Lewis, and Reed are gone, people now want to talk about their valued leadership. It really is funny how some people like to talk from both sides of their mouth.

Now everything falls on Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco, and rightfully so. He’s looked upon as the leader of the team, and this is his time to shut the critics up. If being a Super Bowl MVP couldn’t do that you could argue that nothing will. But regardless, the rest of this season will be one of Flacco’s signature moments if everything falls into place in terms of winning.

And when Flacco is done ripping up opposing defenses, you can be sure that Roland Brown will let the rest of the world hear about it.

If you want to see more awesome videos from Roland Brown, just contact him at or check him out on You Tube.

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