The Bachelorette Week 7 Recap: The hometown dates

With the competition narrowed down to just four contestants on The Bachelorette, Rachel hits the road to visit her four suitors’ hometowns to meet the parents. (Last week, Rachel dismissed Adam and Matt. Shocker.) Thank goodness, with my hiatus because the MLB All Star Break took precedence, last week’s episode stayed pretty boring.

Oh, and of course, with each hometown date that Rachel prepared for there was some obstacle, with each man, that she hoped to overcome. It’s the same every year (ratings, people).

Here’s a breakdown of the dates for you, followed by my prediction on Rachel’s top two suitors.



Eric’s hometown

Where? Baltimore

What? Eric takes Rachel through the more “beautiful” parts of Baltimore, where he reminisces on his childhood. He then takes her to a basketball court, in the more rough part of the city where he grew up. Rachel meets one of Eric’s friends — the guys used to play here growing up. Rachel notes she’s the most nervous for this hometown date because Eric’s warned her that he’s never taken a girl home. Eric introduces her to his mom, dad, (notably Aunt Verna) and like 15 other people. Kinda overwhelming for a first family meeting, if you ask me. But, Eric’s family is thrilled to see him so happy — they attribute it to his relationship with Rachel. And of course, the family reassures Rachel that Eric’s heart is ready for commitment — the commitment of marriage.

I love you? Nope, Eric almost says the “L” word, but then says he “really cares about her.” Rachel’s not digging it.



Bryan’s hometown

Where? Miami

What? Of course, I was looking forward to this hometown date because I wanted to hear from Bryan’s mother — she was the “cause” of the last breakup. And now, I understand why. Bryan’s mother is overbearing. But, before we get to that… Bryan takes Rachel through the “real” Miami — he has her try authentic food, challenges her to play dominos, and brings her dancing. Ahhh, the life. It’s the same flirt and flare that Bryan’s always had, and now he’s doing it on his terms in his city. Rachel meets Bryan’s mother, father, and sister on the hometown date. Bryan’s mother isn’t convinced that Rachel is any different from the plethora of other women that he’s dated; Bryan assures her that Rachel’s “The One.” It’s almost good enough for Olga (Bryan’s mother), but, as she repeated 1,000 times, “Bryan’s the love of my life.”

I love you? Yes, he said the words. And Rachel said she was “feeling all the feels.”



Peter’s hometown

Where? Madison, Wisc.

What? Before this date even began, Rachel expressed concerns about Peter’s walls and his difficulty with trusting the process. She wants him to propose at the end; he thinks this is completely insane. Alas, here she is in Madison meeting his family and friends. First, Peter takes her to the Farmer’s Market in Madison, which I really enjoyed. It shows that Peter does normal everyday things — it’d be easy for me to picture a life with him. Rachel, then, meets a group of Peter’s closest friends at a restaurant. The guys weigh-in on the “craziness” of the situation and persuade Peter to just “trust his gut.” His family is cute, and I, too, swooned when Peter interacted so well with his nieces/nephews. But honestly, there wasn’t much to note from this date other than that the story is: Peter’s got cold feet.

I love you? Nope, not even close. Crickets.



Dean’s hometown

Where? Aspen, Colo.

What? I actually envied Dean and Rachel’s relationship because of how much fun it seems they have together. The tense date begins with an ATV ride. It’s cute, but the disaster that follows overshadows the fun. Dean’s family hadn’t convened under the same roof in nearly eight years, a result of the passing of his mother. This obviously created a strained relationship with his family and an awkward situation for Rachel to walk into. The last quarter of the episode was hard to watch — almost like a car wreck, where you can’t look away. Dean and his father’s first argument aired on television, an outsider (and millions of them) a part of this private conversation. It felt like more about Dean and his dad than about Dean and Rachel… (ahem, producers)

I love you? Yup, right after he realizes all of this “stuff” that’s coming to a culmination, so Rachel doesn’t know if he means it.


And in the end, Dean goes home. I’m not shocked considering how they built up Dean and Rachel’s relationship (and tore down hers and Peter’s). It just brings more weight to the sadness of Dean’s situation. And I’m not saying Dean should’ve been spared because of the hard date, but it’s just shitty.

The Top Two:

  1. Bryan
  2. Eric

(I think Peter’s cold feet will send him home next.)

Now, it’s time for the hard part, where Rachel’s got to make some tough decisions and there’s bound to be more tears.

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