The Bachelorette Week 5 Recap: The Battle for Rachel

The battle for Rachel is *officially* on. This week The Bachelorette aired in a two-night format. The drama stretched out over 48 hours (or more if you think of filming time), and a heap of men went home. Rachel’s trying to find “the one,” and it’s definitely getting more serious.

So, Monday started off with Jack’s awkward one-on-one date with Rachel. His creepy smile (and his lack of connection, I guess) left him rose-less and out of the running for Rachel’s heart. Shortly after, viewers find out that there’s no cocktail party — Rachel’s made her decisions for who’s going home. See ya, Iggy and Tickle Monster.

Then, there’s Bryan’s solo date with Rachel. They Bachelorette crew have since traveled overseas to Oslo Norway. Holy crap. Rachel and Bryan’s chemistry is better than Luke and JoJo’s — it blows theirs out of the water. It’s exciting to watch. It’s like a firework-type of chemistry, possible-love. “I like Bryan a lot. A lot,” Rachel said in the episode.

The rest of the episode continues with Kenny-Lee drama. On one side we’ve got the strong black male, and on the other side we’ve got a racist white male (who’s portrayed to be strong.) I mean, what’s up with the weightlifting montage?! This beef is worse than Taylor/Corinne. And while both went to deeper sub-contexts (slut-shaming and, now, racism) this one seems to be a bigger battle versus good and evil. Thankfully, Rachel picks wisely and decides to keep Kenny over Lee. She doesn’t give Kenny the rose right away, though, because she doesn’t trust him enough.

Then, we see Josiah and Anthony go home. After Josiah’s last interaction with Rachel, I wasn’t shocked; Josiah felt differently, but there’s no reason to dwell on that.

There’s two boring group dates in the double-episode this week: a handball group date and Viking challenge group date. Nothing of note truly happens, and it’s definitely fast-forward worthy. I wasn’t so lucky.

Rachel says goodbye to *two* more black men before Tuesday’s episode closes: Kenny, who ultimately chooses his daughter over Rachel; and Will, who never showed Rachel his physical-loving side on their one-on-one. (He’s not a Bryan or a Peter, OK?!) Will also did admit to her he’s mostly dated white women — after she asked what he looks for in a girl. OK, bro, wrong answer. So, now, all she’s got left from the black man standpoint is Eric. I think I’m good with that choice, if she can’t choose Kenny.

Eric and Rachel finally had solo time to connect deeply. Their connection shows, and their relationship has the potential to play out like one written by Hans Christian Anderson. They’re in Denmark after all.

The episode ends with a rose ceremony, where Rachel sends Alex home, another dark horse in the competition. She, instead, keeps two men who’ve made no good impression to viewers. Adam brought a doll; Matt wore a penguin suit. At least it’ll be easy for her to decide who she’ll send home next, right?

So, here’s my Top 5:

1. Peter


2. Eric


3. Bryan


4. Dean


5. Peter (yes, again)


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