The Bachelorette Week 4 Recap: Drama in the mansion

I didn’t do a recap for the previous Bachelorette episode, and last week there wasn’t a show because of the NBA finals. It feels *way* too long since we’ve taken a dive into the drama pool.

On the last episode, DeMario returned and Rachel denied him (again). Blake and Whaboom! guy were eliminated, and the guy from her childhood was sent home as well. Not much happened in the episode other than the preliminary Lucas/Kenny drama, which continues in this week’s (and the coming week’s) episodes. The producers needed to entertain viewers with something after Whaboom! guy’s exit…

Monday’s episode begins with Lee’s continued quest to cause drama between the group of men. Rachel’s stressed out about which men might be involved in the fighting. She’s disappointed (who wouldn’t be?) by some of the men — look at Kenny for instance.

Rachel gets emotional about her decisions being judged by viewers, media watching her, etc. I mean, she’s looking for her HUSBAND, guys! And in true Bachelorette/Bachelor fashion, Lee stays regardless of all the drama drummed up during the rose ceremony. Thankfully, all of that gets put on hold for a bit.

Dean receives the one-on-one date. *swoon* They drive a Jeep to an open field for a picnic! *double swoon* Dean is so cute. But alas, I must refrain from going on Dean rant because this is Rachel’s show…. They’re cute together, but I wouldn’t label it marriage material. (We’ll see.) Or is that just because I’m extremely jealous, as I sit here *extremely single* eating from my chip bag and typing this piece. Anyway, regardless of what the other men say, I think Dean proved to Rachel he’s mature enough for a “serious” relationship, the kind she’s looking for in the end. And Dean’s sob story — THE FEELS — caught Rachel, just like it caught me. I think this date went incredibly well for him, but why do we need so many awkward live performance dance/makeouts?! And it goes without saying (for like the 1000th time), but I love Dean.

The group date includes the bulk of the men, minus Jack and Dean. It’s the largest group date of the season, which means there’s bound to be tension. The group sets sail from Hilton Head Island with drinks, games, and of course shirtless men. The date ends with a Spelling Bee — leave it to Rachel to ask her men to showcase their smarts. (Actually, I think this is great, it weeds out a lot of awful men. It’s like my pet peeve with poor grammar.) Josiah wins the Spelling Bee, which causes his ego to grow ten sizes. And then, the drama continues.

OK, Iggy annoys me a bit with all the drama he brings to light. He used the last two one-on-one moments to discuss concerns about other men with Rachel. The “right reasons” concerns. Rachel will figure out on her own who’s good for her. She’s a smart girl. Trust her judgement. C’mon man. Shouldn’t you be using your time to “woo” her? Instead of pretending to “protect” her by stirring the pot? I mean, this is the part of the show that’s always annoyed me. And OK, OK, I get it, it’s not going away, but I’m an annoyed viewer over here. So, now, Rachel decides to investigate the situation brought to light by Iggy.

The last quarter of the episode re-hashes the Lee-Kenny feud. It’s something I wished I could’ve fast-forwarded through, but I caught up with the DVR. *eye roll*

I’m over Lee. Also, he ruined my boy Kenny’s time with Rachel. I genuinely like Kenny; he deserves a chance with Rachel. Lee is like a less-fun Chad. At least Chad had a creepy whistle and ate a ridiculous amount of meat and was entertaining in other ways outside of stirring up drama in the mansion.

Now, we’ve got to wait until next week to see the drama “explode”. The promos are ridiculous, I can’t even handle it. Why is this show so entertaining? Why have I been sucked back into this blackhole? This is all awful and great at the same time….


Below are my rankings of my five front-runners for the season so far. The rankings are subject to change weekly, especially as men are eliminated.

Top Five Power Rankings:


1. Peter: The fact that he avoided all the confrontation between the men is admirable & I think he’s smokin’.


2. Dean: They’re one-on-one date puts him in a good position to steal Rachel’s heart. He’s a fun guy.


3. Bryan: He and Rachel still have a great connection, and it’s hard to deny that fact. Plus, he’s gorgeous.


4. Kenny: I still think he’s a good guy. I don’t know if him having a daughter should put him further down this list, but Rachel seems to like him so far.


5. Josiah: I don’t know how to feel about him after this week — probably because of how he was presented — but he’s mostly still a good match for Rachel. It seems they’ve got quite a bit in common.

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