The Bachelorette Week 2 Recap: The drama begins

The second week of The Bachelorette took a dive straight into the drama pool. Of course, something had to be drummed up for the second episode of the season. For what other reason would viewers continue to watch? (Ehhh, I’ll admit I don’t mind looking at the men.) I’m mostly here to watch with the rest of my Twitter timeline, like I mentioned last week.

The episode opens with the first of two group dates — this one is an obstacle course challenge. Eight of the men are selected for the date. Lucas (Whaboom! Guy) and Blake (Aspiring Drummer) clash heads early on in this episode. It doesn’t really feel like we went a week without Blake’s whining…. Their feud lives on…and I’m already tired of it. (Can I say I loved that Rachel played football with the boys?!) Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis make a special appearance at the obstacle course to judge the group date . The “Husband Material” challenge included different life events the men need to be prepared for if they want to spend a life with Rachel. But none of the men were prepared for who won the extra time with Rachel: Lucas. And according to Blake, “The bad guy is winning right now.” Enough whining, Blake. Enough whining. At the end of the date, Dean earns the group date rose, though, so all is right with the world. *swoons*

Peter (business owner from Wisconsin) earns the first one-on-one date. And RACHEL BRINGS HER DOG!!!! This is an incredible date, in my opinion, because I’m a self-proclaimed dog-lover, and I’d be perfectly happy by myself watching Rachel’s dog, taking selfies with it, and eating food. But what if Peter didn’t love dogs as much as Rachel?! This had the potential to be an awkward date. I mean, a date to Barkfest, with a dog-hater, could’ve been a very weird date, a very bad date. Peter handled it well, though. And he’s not a dog-hater so he earns points in my book. (Also I’m in love with Copper, Rachel’s dog, even more now.) The two were able to spend a more romantic evening together, and shared some deep conversation. I see a lot of potential between Peter and Rachel — plus they’d make a cute couple.

The second group date (basketball skills challenge/game) included 10 more of the men. And the biggest shocker: Kareem Abdul-Jabar guest stars as coach. His interactions felt so awkward — not to mention, I saw an article that Abdul-Jabar wrote about how the show kills love circulating on Twitter. Something else weird that I noticed: most of the black men were chosen for this group date. I find that suspicious…

And here’s where you cue the drama — the stuff we’ve been waiting for all episode: DeMario’s ex-girlfriend(?) shows up claiming that they never really broke up. When Rachel confronts him, he neither denies nor accepts the claims leaving Rachel to kick him out. He wasn’t “keepin it 100,” which is the motto she’s living by, especially for the show. (And man, do I feel for her — there’s so many men who can’t give a straight up answer to a simple “yes or no” question. C’mon, gents, man up!)

The drama with DeMario seems unnecessary, and I’m annoyed that the producers (or however this was orchestrated) drug Rachel through the mud. It’s not fair, but I guess it’s what happens when you try to “find love” on TV. And, yay, there’s still more of it to come!!!

I love that all the men checked on Rachel and made sure she was doing well after the drama…. I believe that most of the men that asked he how she was feeling were being genuine. And that makes me happy.

The show’s format from recent seasons seems to have continued with leaving unfinished business, and drama, hanging at the end of each episode. Sadly, it keeps me hooked as a viewer because I want to know if DeMario gets punched… but I also would like to know who’s eliminated at the *end* of each week.

Below are my rankings of my five front-runners for the season so far. The rankings are subject to change weekly, especially as men are eliminated.

Top 5 Power Rankings:

1. Bryan — HE SET UP A MASSAGE FOR HER!!! Yes, he still has my heart! He’s the real MVP. He should win it alllllll.

2. Kenny — he’s such a genuine person, and I think he’d be a great guy for Rachel (from what I know thus far)

3. Peter — he’s cute and romantic; plus Rachel’s got the gut feeling/connection with him

4. Dean — but I want him for myself. So, can he lose this season, and then I’ll put myself through The Bachelor solely to win his love….

5. Josiah — he got on my nerves last week, but I think he’s actually a decent guy and cares for Rachel

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