The Bachelorette Finale: A shocking proposal

Well, Rachel Lindsay got what she wanted — a proposal. Front-runner Bryan Abasolo proposed to the Bachelorette in the show’s three-hour special finale Monday night. The cringeworthy finale sparked outrage among fans, especially on social media.

The Bachelorette experimented with a new format, which created for even more awkward situations than ever before. It also created more drama. Rachel joined host Chris Harrison live; the two discussed Rachel’s decision-making throughout the final episode, with post-breakup interview appearances from Eric and Peter. (Eric seems to be doing great, while Peter is still suffering the effects of having his soul crushed.)

Not surprisingly, Rachel ousted Eric in the final three, after the fantasy suites. This left her to choose (unsurprisingly) between Peter or Bryan to be her husband. Peter: the Wisconsin man, with a beautiful smile, charm, genuine, and might I add, great with kids. Bryan: the sexy, charmer, Spanish bad boy — everything about him screams sex. From day one, Bryan and Rachel shared a certain chemistry. Peter and Rachel did too, but in a more genuine sense. For this reason, I was almost certain Rachel would end up with Peter.

I, along with most Bachelorette fans/viewers, was wrong.

The final scenes between Rachel and Peter were downright confusing. The show labeled it a “breakup.” I would not label this a breakup. Or I must be doing breakups wrong, because I certainly have not made out with my exes before leaving them “for good.” Hmmmm…

The two had the same conversation they’d have over the last few weeks: Rachel wanted a proposal from Peter immediately, and he admitted to her he wasn’t exactly ready for that. He never said he didn’t want to stay committed to her — and maybe my skewed view of men has messed up my thinking — BUT I truly believed that Peter wanted to be with her. (Plus, I’m pretty sure there was more passion in their breakup than in the proposal that caps off the episode. Just sayin’.) What followed felt extremely fake and for what? A ring?

It feels like Rachel settled. HOW DOES A WOMAN ACCEPT A PROPOSAL A DAY AFTER A BREAKUP?! It felt like Rachel truly belonged with Peter, but instead, she chose the second best option because of her desire to be ENGAGED.

The proposal and post-engagement interviews were gag-worthy. I lost count of how many times Bryan and Rachel blurted out “I love yous”, when Rachel had been so reluctant before to say it. The giggling post (windtunnel proposal made me want to jump off that cliff behind them. What does it say if  seems your happiness rides on an engagement and a ring? And, I’m sorry, Bryan, but you were winner by default….

And then, after all of this, I laugh at myself for caring so much about a stupid show. Why do I care what a complete stranger does with her life? I laugh because there are plenty of us, angry at this dumb show, who pulled out Twitter to express some sort of outrage at the outcome. But, in reality Rachel can chose to marry whoever she wishes. Even if it’s Bryan. 

I just hope that Peter gets his chance to find love as The Bachelor next season.

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