The Bachelor: An indefinite list of suitors better than Arie Van Luyendyk

If you haven’t heard The Bachelor announcement by now — and aren’t thoroughly disappointed by it — you must be living under a rock. (His name is Arie Van Luyendyk Jr., and he was the runner-up on Emily Maynard’s season in 2012. Yeah…)

Now, it’s not a huge surprise to me that Peter Kraus  wasn’t chosen as The Bachelor. First of all, he pissed off Rachel Lindsay (and probably the producers) by defying the premises of the show: you propose at the end of it. Peter wasn’t willing to do that. What would make him willing to do that at the end of The Bachelor? Second, I don’t think he wanted to be The Bachelor for that aforementioned reason. He’s not a “let’s hurry this relationship up!!” type of guy… I, mean, we saw that on Rachel’s season. And no matter how much I was dying to have Peter be the star of the show, something told me it wasn’t going to happen.

But… there are plenty of better suitors that could’ve been picked — better than Arie, who, is older than dirt to Bachelor Nation and (as a recent Bachelor viewer, I’ve never heard of).

Here’s my list of suitors I would’ve like to see on The Bachelor, which returns in January.


10. Wells Adams — While it’s a little hard to picture him “running” the show, Wells was a great guy, and one of my favorites on JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette. It would’ve been entertaining to watch him deal with drama.


9. Dean Unglert — I don’t watch Bachelor in Paradise, so I’m removed from all the drama that occurs on the show. I realize he pissed a lot of people off with his “love triangle” business, but man, he’s a good looking guy with a great personality (uh…I think). A season with Dean at the reins would’ve been a fun one.


8. Robby Hayes — Oh. my. God. This guy is such a joke, but at least he was a runner-up from the season before Rachel’s. There’s still some relevancy to his name. I’m not personally attracted to him, but I know a lot of women that were — hey, he’s still better than Arie.


7. Chad Johnson — Just for the heck of it. And mostly, the creepy whistle. Also, I’d wanna see what kind of girls actually would want to marry him.


6. Chase McNary — I still follow Chase on all forms of social media, and it DOES NOT appear that he’s dating anyone. HELLO, ABC!!! Why didn’t you call this dashing Colorado hunk up? I definitely would’ve applied for the show!


5. Luke Pell — He’s apparently on tour right now, but I think if ABC called him up asking him to be The Bachelor, he’d say yes. I mean, really?! Total heartthrob, down-to-Earth, and did I mention beautiful? Please, ABC, bring him back!!!


4. Jesse Palmer — Is he still single? I love him. Bring him back. Please. 



3. Ben Higgins — Now, that he’s single again, why doesn’t he come back to find his true love? Also, if Nick gets three chances — and that didn’t even last — why can’t Ben come back?


2. Kenny King — King Kenny! He was an amazing guy that really deserved the best — and I really thought that Rachel was going to pick him. Wouldn’t it be great if his daughter played some role in the show, too?


Joe Schmoe — Whatever happened to finding random guys to play the part of The Bachelor? I mean, really? The best part was when producers found men from “small town” USA and really showcased that side of them. Who doesn’t love shots of sexy men in cornfields? Or long walks down a sandy beach?


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