This Is Awesome: My Raw Reunion Experience

This past Monday was one of the biggest and best Monday Night Raw’s I’ve seen in a long time. Part of that might be attested to the fact that I was in attendance for this most epic Raw Reunion.

This is my experience.


Bah God is that pyro loud. And hot.


This was my view for the night. Lesnar is a massive man.

It’s quite difficult to describe Lesnar’s size. It’s one thing to see him on TV, but to see him walking down the ramp, up close and personal, is entirely different. He’s REALLY BIG.



The crowd was incredible for the opening segment. Seriously. The building was electric the entire night, even when the terrible New Day came out.


It’s always a cool scene when Bray Wyatt comes out.

Bray Wyatt’s entrance is just awesome. The slow methodical walk out with everyone’s phone flashlights lighting up the American Airlines Center is just plain cool.


I finally got to participate in my first official YES chant. Much better than doing it from your couch.

The match between Bryan and Wyatt was great, you gain a lot more respect for these guys watching them live. It’s not all fake folks.


The legends panel was next.


Pretty great to see Flair, Hogan, and HBK together.

The panel was okay. I’m personally not a giant fan of Hulk Hogan, but I love Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. HBK acting like his old DX self was pretty awesome, he probably had a little to drink though. Ric Flair being Ric Flair is cool all the time.


Roman Reigns looks really strong here.

A Roman Reigns that doesn’t speak is the best kind of Roman Reigns. It was pretty laughable though how Big Show was out there talking about how nobody could throw him over the top rope when 1) Cesaro body slammed him over the top rope at Wrestlemania 30 and 2) Roman Reigns clotheslined him with EASE over the top rope.

I'm afraid I've got some bad news. You've dawned dumb face.

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. You’ve donned dumb face.


The Lunatic Fringe is ready for a fight

No dumb face here. The Lunatic Fringe is ready for a fight.

A solid match between Ambrose and Barrett. Those guys are 2 of my favorites working right now.

Am I the only one who’s somewhat uncomfortable with A New Day? They could be so much better, but they seem to be failing. Big E is better than that. But thank the lord for Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, who would have thought that they’d be a fun and entertaining duo?

Also please get rid of Adam Roses current character and the exotic express. He’s better than that.


Hey yo! Razor Ramon is one of my all time favorites, seeing him live alongside Diesel is just awesome. #NWO4LIFE



When JBL got up and started yelling at The Ascension, I about lost it because I knew what was coming. I much appreciated his call out for them having face paint and shoulder pads with spikes, saying that doesn’t make them legends. Why did they have to do this to them? They were PERFECT in NXT. But APA! APA! APA!


Yeah, this was awesome. I’m glad these 2 are back, they sort of just disappeared after they lost their titles to the Uso’s. And they look like they’re in great shape, especially Mr. Ass, I mean Billy Gunn. His Tilt-A-Whirl slam on Viktor was awesome and super powerful, but nothing was as awesome as JBL hitting him with the Clothesline From Hell. APA! APA! APA!

The divas match following the awesomeness that just ensued wasn’t half bad, it was better than the lame squash match between Rusev and R-Truth. Lana is the only reason anyone likes Rusev.


Mizdow looking so fresh and so clean. I wish I had gotten a picture of him as X-Dow. We need more X-Dow. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that was X-Pac when he jumped on the screen.

The main event was next though, John Cena in a 3-1 Handicap match against Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show.


Hello, is champ there?

It was a great match, Rollins and Cena have such great chemistry. It was looking to be just another Cena triumphs again, but then this happened.



My voice was fine until STING showed up. I couldn’t believe it. Sting does in live in Dallas, actually Waxahachie which is where I live, but it’s 30 minutes from Dallas. Even though he’s local, I didn’t think he’d be at this Raw. Unbelievably awesome.

Cena rolled up Rollins and ran into the crowd, I was literally inches away from John Cena.

Lesnar came out immediately and attached Rollins which as awesome, but then he not only delivered an F-5 to Kane, but he hoisted the 500lb Big Show up and gave him an F-5.

What a way to close out Raw headed in to the Royal Rumble.

This was easily one of the greatest sporting events I have ever attended, if you ever get the chance to go Monday Night Raw, or anything WWE related, GO!

You never know who might show up, like Sting.


[Featured Image: zap2it. All pictures used were personal pictures of mine.]

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