Auburn Students Create WAR IRISH T-shirts for National Championship


An Auburn fan, Griff Smith has created a WAR IRISH t-shirt for the National Championship matchup between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and their in-state rival Alabama Crimson Tide.  It seems that whenever an SEC team gets into the National Championship game, the other schools in the SEC forget that they hated that team all year and start this ridiculous  “SEC! SEC! SEC!” stuff so I am happy that the Auburn students got creative and will cheer against their bitter rivals.

I am sure after one of the worst seasons in school history where Auburn went 3-9 and lost 49-0 to Alabama, they are in no mood to cheer them on in the BCS Title Game even if they are in the same conference. I like that the Auburn fans even have a hashtag to get along with this on Twitter with #WARIRISH. I say embrace the hate Auburn. War Damn Eagle!

You can purchase the shirt right by clicking here.

(h/t @125NDFB)



  1. Auburn students did not create this graphic. It was created by Griff Smith, a graphic designer who lives in Auburn. He’s a friend of mine from our hometown.

  2. For the back story on this shirt. Two years ago when Auburn played Oregon for the BCS championship game, the Alabama fans made a shirt that said ‘Roll Duck Roll’. There is NO love loss between Alabama and Auburn.

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