An Examination of the College Basketball Top 25 Poll — 12.21.15


Last week we discussed how one AP voter had Kansas ranked number one overall and the team that has given the Jayhawks their only loss, undefeated Michigan State, number five. Now, how could that happen? Well, Soren Petro provided his analysis. Read about it here.

This week a lot of top teams fell. On what was one of the best December college basketball days in a long time, Duke, Kentucky and Iowa State all fell to unranked teams. So, what does this do to my top 30 teams? Well, there was a lot of shuffling.

  1. Michigan State
  2. Kansas
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Maryland
  5. North Carolina
  6. Xavier
  7. Virginia
  8. Providence
  9. Butler
  10. Iowa State
  11. Miami FL
  12. Purdue
  13. Louisville
  14. West Virginia
  15. Villanova
  16. Kentucky
  17. Arizona
  18. Duke
  19. SMU
  20. Texas A&M
  21. Utah
  22. Oregon
  23. George Washington
  24. UCLA
  25. Monmouth
  26. UNLV
  27. Cincinnati
  28. Vanderbilt
  29. UCONN
  30. Texas

Others considered: Arkansas Little Rock, Colorado, Dayton, Florida, Northwestern, Northern Iowa, South Carolina

Duke lost on neutral court, in overtime, without a starter and another key player battling an illness, yet they dropped ten spots…why?

Well, to be frank, what significant wins does Duke have this year? The Georgetown win is looking less and less impressive each week, same with Indiana. Also, VCU has lost three in a row. Brand names don’t always mean good teams.

Iowa State and Kentucky also made a large drop down the polls. Why so far?

Iowa State’s best win is either against Colorado or at home against Iowa (where they were down 20 points.) …neither of which is necessarily a résumé building win. Kentucky’s best win? Well, it’s Duke…and we know by now what I think of Duke. The Wildcats obviously have some issues on the offensive end and were almost saved by a red-hot Jamal Murray against Ohio State, but even that wasn’t enough.

Butler made the largest jump in the poll this week, from 17 to 9. 

Not only did the Bulldogs beat Purdue this past week, they have a win at Cincinnati and their only loss is to a top-15 Miami team. Lookout for Butler.

Monmouth at 25? Really?

UCLA, Notre Dame, USC, Georgetown, Rutgers…all teams Monmouth has defeated this year. They deserve it.

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