ALL ELITE WRESTLING: A change may be on the way

With the news of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks forming All Elite Wrestling, the buzz is growing about what this new wrestling promotion means for wrestling fans.

Could my favorite misused WWE talent make it big in All Elite Wrestling?

Does this mean that my favorite independent pro wrestlers have a new place in North America to work?


We have more questions than actual answers, and that is fine for now.

Depending on who you ask, pro wrestling was at its zenith in the mid- to late 90s when WWF was in the middle of The Attitude Era on RAW is War and WCW had the NWO running roughshod on WCW Monday Nitro.

Whether you believe that or not, one thing at the time was clear: professional wrestling fans had options of what they could watch every Monday night.

If you didn’t like RAW, then you didn’t have to watch it; you could just watch WCW Monday Nitro and vice versa.

Wrestling fans are fickle by nature, especially with the rise of viral content on mobile platforms, fans rave their opinions with a few taps on their mobile devices. Everyone is a wrestling booker, and everyone has a different way that they would present Monday Night RAW.

As much as wrestling fans love watching pro wrestling, they love to complain about the current state of WWE.

“Zack Ryder isn’t used correctly”

“I wish The Club was better booked”

“What are they doing with Bayley?”

One of the challenges of the current landscape of pro wrestling is that there are a lack of legitimate options for North American pro wrestlers to work if they are not in WWE. 

Yes, there are Lucha Underground, TNA (if you can find their program on TV), and MLW.

Let’s be honest, none of those are solid, money-making options for WWE wrestlers if they are not satisfied with their current role.

One thing that made the Monday Night Wars special was the back-and-forth of certain pro wrestlers.

When Sean Waltman left WWF, he was a lower tier wrestler as the 1-2-3 Kid. He went to WCW, became that Syxx character, and finally returned to WWE as X-Pac

Sean Waltman had options to apply his trade elsewhere if he was unsatisfied in his current position.

With All Elite Wrestling starting soon, this could provide WWE wrestlers a new platform to show their skill set. This could also launch fresh faces that the mainstream wrestling fan may not have access to view on a weekly basis.

Cody and The Young Bucks struck gold with the success of All In. They have successfully parlayed that into a new North American pro-wrestling promotion.

It can be argued that a lot of fans still watch RAW, because very week for the last 26 years, every Monday, Monday Night RAW has been on air. It may be conditioned television watching as opposed to a choice fans are willingly making every week.

When wrestling is at its best, it is a massive buffet table of options. If you don’t enjoy WWE, you can go online and watch New Japan Pro Wrestling. If you don’t care for New Japan Pro Wrestling, you can always watch MLW. If MLW isn’t your choice, then you can watch Lucha Underground. You can also consume all the different plates at the buffet table of pro wrestling online with different apps.

For All Elite Wrestling to capitalize on the massive buzz it had after All In, it would be prudent to continue to generate that buzz from what made All In special. It was an alternative wrestling option that fans could watch if they were not happy with the current WWE product.

All Elite Wrestling can thrive if they continue to provide fans with an alternative option for WWE fans.

Fans have been clamoring for Zack Ryder to be relevant on television since the horribly developed angle in early 2012 after organically making a name for himself in 2011.

WWE is ripe to lose a substantial deal of its adult fan base with the success of All Elite Wrestling.

Hopefully All Elite Wrestling can succeed, whereas TNA failed in 2010, and provide fans of an enticing alternative option.

They hit the jackpot with All In; and now, comes the challenge, making the jackpot grow into a long-term success or fade away the same as previous  North American pro wrestling companies and just be a pimple on the backside of WWE.

Let’s hope All Elite Wrestling makes it big, because the more options fans have, the happier they are. Until then, they may complain about the numerous options in the market.

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