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Derek J. Hernandez is the founder of and also contributes as a staff writer.

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Contributor since: March 2012

Present location: Omaha, NE via Denver, CO

Twitter: @MidweztMarauder

Sports Coverage: NBA, College Basketball, NFL, College Football, WWE

Favorite Sports Moment: The helpless look on Steve Spurrier’s face during the second half of the 1996 Fiesta Bowl followed by witnessing Daniel Bryan pull double-duty to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30. YES! YES! YES!

Derek’s sports “claims to fame” include:

  • Winning the 1993 Flowerfield Spelling Bee
  • Hitting the game-winning shot during the 1996 Little Big Man Basketball Tournament Championship game
  • Having his Twitter question featured as the lead topic in one of Stewart Mandel’s mailbags
  • Getting in a brief Twitter argument with Stephen A. Smith
  • Being invited to spin at various events by the Denver Nuggets’ official DJ, DJ Bedz (check out Derek as DJ Stylee here and here)
  • Being born on the same island as RGIII (Okinawa)
  • Beating the Honky Tonk Man for his belt and then having him take a picture with me after the match (see image below)



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