Andrew S.

Andrew Soto is a staff writer for

Contributor since: August 2012

Present location: Virginia Beach, VA

Twitter: @andrewsoto33

Sports Coverage: NFL, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas Jayhawks

Favorite Sports Moment: Watching KU come back in the final couple minutes and beating the Derrick Rose-led Memphis Tigers in the ’08 National Championship

Andrew Soto’s sports “claims to fame” include:

  • Hitting five three-pointers in one game as a sophomore, including one bank shot (I didn’t call it).
  • Witnessed the 2003 playoff game in person at Arrowhead stadium versus the Colts where neither team punted.
  • Attained my Black Belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) in the summer of 2012, although my instructor basically used me as a punching bag in the process.
  • Unofficially the number one Chiefs fan in the world, and having my Chiefs shoes being a headline story on (it was July, there wasn’t much to talk about).
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