Mission – What is our calling?
No Coast Bias is a sports and entertainment website comprised of eclectic personalities from across the country. Our mission is to produce entertaining content that engages fans, while having a blast doing so. Content includes opinionated and original articles, viral news stories, and any content types that are in line with current journalism trends.

Background – What’s the 411 on NCB?
The site’s founder, Derek Hernandez, decided to roll with the name “No Coast Bias” to coincide with his vision of creating a platform for the most talented sports and entertainment writers throughout the Midwest. The site’s namesake was to also make it clear to visitors and competitors that we weren’t going to be your run-of-the-mill sports blog that focused solely on topics popular to the major hubs on either coast of the United States.

No Coast Bias was launched in March of 2012 and has been featured and/or cited on some of the most prominent sports mediums including ESPN television, SI.com, and USA Today’s The Big Lead. NCB is also a Yardbarker affiliate site and partnered with FOX Sports and MSN.

The site’s recent popularity called for us to expand our scope and coverage offerings and in turn welcome voices beyond our initial footprint. No Coast Bias still maintains its Midwest soul, but we also recognize talent is talent and the site’s readership benefits with even more perspectives being showcased.

Content – What are we producing?
You enjoy it, we produce it.

NCB’s content includes original opinions, satirical articles, “listicles”, entertaining video clips,
event recaps, show reviews, photo galleries, social media roundups, and more.

Tone – What’s the vibe around here?
Although the original goal of ours was to assemble a collection of the finest writers this side of the Mississippi in order to create something of a “Grantland Midwest”, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Don’t get us wrong, we take a professional approach when putting our content together, but we’re talking about sports and pop culture here and not the world’s problems.

Most of the content is on the snarky or lighthearted side, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We want all our readers to visit the site daily and we feel the best way to do that is to produce fun, conversational content. You know that debate you had with your buddies at the bar last weekend? We try to have that sort of dialogue with our readers through our writing.

NCB Readers – What’s the community like?
If we had to describe our readership as one person, he’d be the type to banter about sports on Twitter 24/7, reference Chappelle Show at every turn, complain about the majority of ESPN’s coverage, and power rank the most popular hip-hop bands of the 90s.

In terms of our audience makeup, the audience is predominantly college-educated sports male sports fans with an age range varying from 18-40. Approximately 62% of the site’s traffic originates from mobile devices and we’ve averaged about 76,000 monthly unique page views over the last year.

The Team – Who writes for us?
Our team is comprised of sports fans and pop culture junkies with varying writing experience. Our writers range from first-time bloggers motivated to be a part of sports journalism industry to former copy editors at various news publications.

The vetting process for potential team members includes a review of previous work and/or prepared writing samples, a survey that focuses on interests and availability, and a conversation regarding NCB’s culture with the site’s founder Derek.

We prefer bloggers with previous content management experience, particularly WordPress, and a strong knowledge of social media.

It’s also worth mentioning that various members of the team have leveraged their experience on the site to obtain professional positions both inside and outside the sports industry, proving the collaboration and mentoring provided by NCB is invaluable.

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