“Ladies and gentleman, we’d like to welcome to you
All the way from the slums of Shaolin
Special uninvited guests came in through the back door
Ladies and gentlemen, IT’s THEM
-Wu-Tang Clan

We are not quite from the slums of Shaolin, but like the uninvited guests from the Wu-Tang get-together we are a collection of eclectic personalities ready to crash the party…and in our the case the “coast-driven” sports blogosphere party.

What fuels us is the desire to get our humble opinions and perceived expertise out to the masses.

What ties us together is our love of sports and the inevitable sports banter that precedes and follows every event – not to mention a lot of us are either from the middle of the map or currently reside in the “Heartland” (Ahh, “No Coast Bias” makes sense now).

Our mission is to generate and feature constant, fascinating content that engages fans and fosters debate. There may not be a left or right coast bias, but there’s definitely not going to be much middle ground with our opinions.

nocoastbias.com may comprise of more coverage towards teams and events from the middle of the country, but there will be analysis, opinion columns, fantasy tips, top ten lists and much more on whatever is interesting in the sports world. Yes, we even extended an olive branch to a few “coasties” since the whole “no coast” thing can be interpreted as simply having no bias from either coast.

First launched in March 2012, nocoastbias.com definitely has room to grow and evolve. We want to become a sports and entertainment blog that actually interests you and not just an aggregator of news stories. So if you like what you read, or even if you don’t, feel free to drop a line in the comments section or email the staff directly at ncbsports@nocoastbias.com. All opinions are very welcome.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy yourself as the NCB crew takes you through a journey through sports, entertainment and life.

-Derek J. Hernandez, Founder and Staff Writer

Derek Hernandez - No Coast Bias Founder