A Look into Night of Champions

The new normal….that a phrase that has been tossed around by a lot of wrestling writers over the last few months. We’ve become accustomed to the finishers of yesterday now being used as freely as a punch, heels now get cheered more often than the faces, and Sheamus is bound to face Randy Orton on at least one TV/PPV show a month. These are things that we’ve been dealt and learned to deal with, so of us even enjoy it. I’m not exactly in that boat, but some of the new norm is better than the rest.

Something that is as normal as a superkick these days is the decline in PPV buys and with the WWE Network is makes sense why that is, but before the network threw its 9.99 self at us like a drunk girl at last call PPV buys actually mattered.

Historically Night of Champions has been a lackluster one, bringing in on average 51% less buys then SummerSlam, the event that precedes it. Well how do you fix that? It seems WWE never really had the answer for how to fix it they just rolled with the new norm like the rest of us do today, until now.

Seth Rollins is the hottest act in WWE right now, with guys like Kevin Owens not far behind, so what does WWE do? They throw him all over the card, in fact he will be six guy to pull double duty on a PPV in a match that is either for a title or title contention.

Night of Champions

Sting? My fans are butt-hurt about a 56-year-old competing for the biggest title in sports entertainment, myself included, but it makes sense from a business point of view and sort of a wrestling one as well. Sting has never competed for the WWE Championship in any of its many forms, hell it wasn’t till this past WrestleMania that he even competed for the company, so of course he has that one last goal before he can call it a career.

Not only is there that, but think of how many fans Sting has had over his career…I’m going to assume it’s been quite a few, many whom may no longer watch WWE. Those fans might be curious to see what kind of condition Sting is in and since the Network is free for the first month why not sign up and watch Night of Champions…see where I’m going with this.

The outcome of the match is what the fans are concerned with, but the numbers, which PPV wise will be lower than last year, are what really matter. Sting has a pretty iconic name with wrestling fans of today and yesterday so I expect Monday morning to see a humble brag come from WWE about how many new subscribers there are to the network.

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