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9 Hall of Famers With Embarrassing Records

He did it! He did it! Kobe Bryant finally did it! The Black Mamba (do people still call him that?) sits alone atop the chart for Most Career Missed Shots in NBA history. Accomplishing such a feat is nothing short of amazing. With legendary ball hogs like Allen Iverson (not even in the top five!), Karl Malone, John Havelick (the former record holder) and, of course, Michael Jordan, now out of his way, every shot Kobe takes from here on out is simply padding the record. But there’s no need to be embarrassed, Kobe! The only way a guy gets to this point is by being an incredible shooter with a green light that never changes. After all, you don’t get to miss 13,418 shots without making, like, at least a lot of other shots. Just like you don’t throw 336 interceptions without sending a photo of your junk to the team’s sideline reporter a few hundred touchdown passes to go with it. And, hey! When you play in 2,632 consecutive baseball games without being much of a power hitter, you’re going to ground into hundreds of double plays. HUNDREDS! The record for Most Career Missed Shots in NBA history will hardly keep Kobe out of the Hall of Fame – just like these embarrassing records didn’t keep these nine superstars from seeing their faces embronzed on plaques/statues/busts/whatever is on display at their respective Hall of Fames. Except Rasheed Wallace and Jamie Moyer. Those two have no business in the Hall of Fame. They’re just here to educate you for your next trivia night at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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