8 Potential Wrestlemania Opponents for The Undertaker

We’re less than two months away from Wrestlemania 32, and the card is already something of a shambles thanks to a series of terribly timed injuries that have seen some of the WWE’s top stars sidelined for wrestling’s busiest time of the year. While the main event looks almost certain to be Triple H vs. Roman Reigns for the title, and we’re likely to get Bray Wyatt vs. Brock Lesnar, the remainder of the card seems unclear. A big missing piece of the card so far is The Undertaker and who he could potentially face. We haven’t seen The Undertaker since Survivor Series last year and there’s really been only speculation and no clear indication of who he will face come Mania. Despite the amount of injuries, there are still options.




“The Celtic Warrior”, whether we like it or not, is still one of the WWE’s top heels – which says a lot about the heel side of the roster. His brief run as WWE World Heavyweight Champion didn’t actually do much to lift the guy to true main event status, but if handled carefully between now and Mania, they could absolutely have him as an opponent for Undertaker. As much as we can criticize Sheamus, he’s an effective heel who the WWE brass seem to have some degree of faith in, so an Undertaker feud might be right around the corner.




Undoubtedly the worst option on this list, but it’s not that far fetched. Strowman is green as grass and has shown very little in the way of in-ring talent, but that’s never stopped Vince McMahon from pushing a gigantic monster to the top before (eg: The Great Khali). Strowman almost seems like a monster of the week that’s been bred for an Undertaker feud. There are reports going around that Strowman will end up being pushed as a future opponent for Lesnar, so they may try to protect the guy until then. But there’s always a chance that they build him up for Taker now. Given Strowman’s lack of wrestling ability, we could end up seeing Taker’s worst Mania match since Giant Gonzales.




Another member of the League of Nations, Del Rio should absolutely be positioned stronger on the card. He’s a former WWE Champion, a great wrestler and should be up there on the main event level with Roman Reigns, but instead he’s more or less been relegated to the midcard 50/50 club, trading wins with Kalisto. Depending on how his title match goes with Kalisto at Fastlane, Del Rio is another name that they could strap a rocket to and have feud with The Undertaker. Time is an issue and it may be difficult to build up Del Rio that quickly, but it would at least be something relatively new.




It’s highly unlikely that Ambrose walks out of Fastlane as the #1 contender for the world title, that spot is for Roman Reigns. Ambrose will need an opponent, and it seems like WWE has been dropping hints that maybe Ambrose will turn heel in the near future. If that’s the case, could an Undertaker/Ambrose program be on the cards? It’s hard to see the WWE audiences booing Ambrose right now, but going full heel on someone like The Undertaker is a reliable way to generate some major heat, and it would be a great consolation prize for not being in the main event.




We all know John Cena is injured and he isn’t expected to return until well after Wrestlemania. But Cena has earned himself a reputation as a guy that makes miraculous recoveries and returns in record time. It’s still a long shot and not something that anyone should put money on, but if Cena were able to get back into the ring in time for Wrestlemania, he would undoubtedly be facing The Undertaker. It’s just about the biggest match they could do for this year’s Wrestlemania, and something that they haven’t really done since 2003. Cena vs. Undertaker would be huge.




Jericho and Taker have wrestled before, multiple times. But never at Wrestlemania. This kind of match probably would have had more impact a few years ago when both Jericho and Taker were a bit more consistently on WWE programming, and not so much now that they’re both part-timers. Nevertheless, if we could see heel Jericho go all out on The Undertaker in promos and segments, we could end up with a really solid program and I imagine they’d still pull out a damn decent match together.




It’s probably unlikely that the “Georgia Pitbull” (ugh) will be put into such a high tier program with The Undertaker so soon after his WWE debut, but there are some good reasons why he should. For one thing, Styles is one of the best wrestlers in the world and there’s little doubt that he and Taker couldn’t have a solid match together at least. Styles is also new to the WWE, and a great way to make a huge impact is in a major feud with Taker. Whether he wins or loses, it’d put Styles on the map with the WWE core audience in a big way.




Owens is one of the top heels in WWE and he really needs to be treated as such. He’s one of the best in-ring guys they have and one of the most entertaining promo guys. I’m not sure if I see the powers that be putting Undertaker against a guy like Kevin Owens, but it makes the most sense to me. The promos could be great and there’s no doubt they’d have a decent match. Owens has reportedly been lobbying for a match against The Undertaker, and I honestly don’t think there is a better opponent for Undertaker this year that’s not currently on the injured list. Book it.


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