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5 Annoying Things About WrestleMania Season

WrestleMania week is in full swing and the official match card has been set. As a professional wrestling fan, this is the greatest time of the year and the culmination of a year’s worth of storylines. It’s also a time to reminisce of the events of yesteryear and ponder the legacies of past superstars.

I could probably write a book about how awesome the spectacle of the “Showcase of the Immortals” is, but…SWERVE…I’d like to take this a different route. Let’s take a look at five things that make devoted pro wrestling fans yell “NO, NO, NO!”…

The Casual Fans Cometh

I totally understand that Vince McMahon’s greatest brainchild is set-up to appeal to the masses, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less annoying when the one-even-a-year fans come crawling back to take in the Super Bowl of wrestling. Look, I know it’s hard to keep tabs on every story line that happens on the 52 RAWs that air every year, but if I have to explain that Stone Cold Steve Austin has been retired for years or that Macho Man is dead one more time…

Additionally, I’m not sure why it annoys me when pseudo-sports celebrities are accepted as “experts” on the sport when they only watch the major PPVs and have no idea who anyone on the mid-card is. To me it’s like they are only around on Twitter or social media to discuss the major events because “it’s cool” and it doesn’t make them seem like a “wrestling nerd”. I’m looking at you, certain ESPN sports personality.


Being Reminded Of Undertaker’s Lesser Matches 

Before Undertaker’s streak became THE STREAK, he fought a giant dude in a full-body suit that was supposed to make him look like a naked beast, he faked-hung a dude from a steel cage, and fought a washed-up Jimmy Snuka. I refuse to demand any more time on this reason as I’ve tried to erase these matches from my mind, but Brandon Stroud does an excellent job at ranking all of the Deadman’s Mania matches. Read about the first few matches at your own risk.

THIS actually happened. (h/t:

THIS actually happened. (h/t:

The Streak – To Be Or Not To Be (Anymore) 

Speaking of The Phenom, aren’t you tired of debating whether the streak should be broken? I’m ok with past legends discussing the merits of THE STREAK, but I think we’ve fantasy booked every scenario where THE STREAK ends and how Taker should leave the WWE on his own terms. Now if we’re talking about who else should get a crack at THE STREAK I’m all ears. #CENAATWM31ORWERIOT

Steve BOR(E)don

It wouldn’t be right if we discussed potential opponents for Undertaker if we didn’t discuss Sting, right? RIGHT?! Sting is the biggest wrestling start to never wrestle for the E, if you don’t count the last episode of Nitro, but we’ve been discussing this topic since the early 2000’s. You know how long that has been? Rey Mysterio knees weren’t putty and The Rock looked like this instead of looking like he ate his former self.

So THIS is the year Sting comes to the WWE, right? (h/t: Wrestling News Depot)

So THIS is the year Sting comes to the WWE, right? (h/t: Wrestling News Depot)

The Anticipation & Aftermath

IS IT SUNDAY YET! How many days until Wrestlemania 31?

We wait all year for the grand finale, and it seems like it’s done quicker than Buff Bagwell’s WWE career. Then, after what is most likely the best RAW of the year, we have to wait another 12 months until the next Mania. Wash, rinse, repeat. Or in this case, wait, tweet, delete. #THEBIGGUY

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