WWE Survivor Series Preview

This Sunday WWE will hold the final of its four major pay-per-views, or events as they are starting to morph to, when Survivor Series comes live from the Georgia Dome. Naturally you can watch this from the comfort of your own home for the low price of only $9.99 by ordering the WWE Network, or like most of my friends just jack your friend’s login info.

Survivor Series has been one of those major events that hasn’t had the same buzz that WrestleMania, Royal Rumble & SummerSlam have been garnering, but this year seems to be different.

As originally planned WWE is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Undertaker’s debut, which seemed to be the focal point of the event until Seth Rollins injured his knee and the focus switch from the return of the Brothers of Destruction to the semi-finals & finals to crown the new WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Via Rukkus.com

Via Rukkus.com

If Randy Orton was healthy he would be the clear favorite, as he has previously won the vacant title a total of three times, but much to my disappointment Randall is off healing up. Instead we have the likes of Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens & Roman Reigns fighting over who will most likely carry the title into WrestleMania season.

The safe bets are that we will see some combo of Ambrose and Reigns competing for the title over the next few months, with either man finally getting the turn their characters deserve.

My pick would be to have Kevin Owens win just to shake things up, but even in my world of fantasy booking I understand how flawed that idea would be. It’s not that Owens has a way to go before he could be the face of the company, regardless of what Melissa Joan Hart thinks, it’s the fact that the company lacks the kind of babyfaces that it would take to give Owens a proper run. It hindered Rollins title and I’d hate to see it hinder Owens’ first run as well.

Let’s also not rule out Sheamus cashing in and boring us for months with his “bully” gimmick.

There are other matches to take a look at. We have the traditional Survivor Series match, which hasn’t really been announced yet. I’m sure it will be a hodge podge of midcarders like Ceasro, Usos, New Day, Stardust, Dudleys, Ascension, Sheamus, Neville & Barrett better known as the guys creative didn’t really care about this month.

We then have Paige vs Charlotte which is now being overshadowed by the whole Reid Flair comments. Maybe during the pre-match promo Paige can bring up her failed marriage to Bram.

The final two matches on the guard fall into a weird care/don’t care category for me. We have Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler; which should be an entertaining match, but does anyone really care who wins? It almost feels like this match does nothing for either guy. If Ziggler wins great he beat the new guy like he should have. If Breeze wins, that’s nice he beat the guy that never wins…

Then you have the return of the Brothers of Destruction as they go up against two members of the Wyatt Family. I’m not sure why this didn’t end up being a traditional Survivor Series matchup, but the Wyatt’s don’t ever win big matches and how old are Taker & Kane going to look?

I feel like I’ve been told a lie when people say Survivor Series is a major event every year. This year we have no John Cena, no Seth Rollins and no Brock Lesnar so outside of who wins the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship, why should I care about Survivor Series?

Photo via Rukkus.com

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