3 Baseball Managers With Their Jobs On the Line

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With the All Star break officially behind us, we have a handful of teams in both divisions left with a great deal to play for. For the others, planning for next season has already begun. We know that the Braves got in on the firing action early in the season with the termination of Fredi Gonzalez. Other than that, it has been surprisingly quiet when it comes to positions of leadership. Before the final out of the regular season, however, that is all likely to change. Here is a quick look at three of the baseball managers that have a few months left to store up their job security, as their positions certainly appear to be on the line.

Brad Ausmus

This might be surprising given the Tigers better than expected performance to this point in the season. In fact, they still have an outside chance of locking in a division title. Beyond that, however, Ausmus has little chance of remaining. Expectations are simply too high, and nearly the entire front office that was instrumental in bringing him on board is now gone. Executives tend to want to hire their own blood, so look for him to be gone before the season is even concluded. A manager from the AAA in Lloyd McClendon may be given the helm for a month or two in order to provide him for a dress rehearsal. Time will tell.

John Gibbons

It is unfathomable for many to think that a manager who led the Blue Jays to the postseason last season, and is in the running to do so again this current campaign, is on the chopping block. Yet, that is exactly where John Gibbons once again finds himself. I say once again, because this is familiar territory for him given that he has been fired by these very same Blue Jays in the past. The team simply has no firm leadership plan in place, which is a shame since they have the talent to realistically compete for a World Series title. The reality is that he may very well keep his job given his great performance to this point, but the very fact that he has to worry about does not speak well of the future.

Joe Girardi

Yankees fans everywhere have been very patient with Girardi. He simply has not had anywhere near the success that Joe Torre had, and that is a bit troubling. He has lost some big name players to retirement and trades, but the club mostly remains in tact. The Yankees have a whopping $225 million payroll, however, and that is causing a great deal of angst in the executive box these days. His knowledge of the game and his loyalty to the Yankees has kept him in place to this point. If they finish in the basement of the East, however, his day of reckoning might just finally arrive.

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