The ‘WWE Style’ 2019 NFL Mock Draft (Picks 1-5)

As we head into NFL Draft season, teams will need to focus on how the business is ever evolving. With the need to bring in talent from all across the country to keep up with a defensive heavy brand split.

San Francisco is leading the pack to land the #1 pick in this brand split. We expect the creative team of Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch to look for a future main event talent.

Here is how the top five picks in the 2019 NFL Draft should go.

(Card subject to change)

San Francisco 49ers: EDGE: Nick Bosa – The Ohio State Territory: Trained by Urban Meyer

Nick Bosa could be a future main eventer. He has the look that you need to build the territory around. Bosa could still use some time sitting under the Bill Watts learning tree to learn how to properly tell a story in the trenches.

He is coming off of a season ending core injury. Bosa will need to spend some time at the Performance Center working with Steven Regal to strength his submission style holds against future offensive lineman.

He does not appear to be a player who needs to spend time in NXT in order to get used to the hard camera. If he adapts to the NFL style, the San Francisco 49ers have a future WrestleMania main eventer on their hands.

Oakland Raiders: EDGE:  Ed Oliver – Houston University Alliance: Trained by Major Applewhite

Ed Oliver is as can’t miss as they come. He has shown flashes of picking up the business as fast as Kurt Angle did in 1999. The Raiders have struggled under head booker Jon Gruden in 2018, but Oliver is someone to build the territory around.

The biggest concern with Oliver is the lack of mic skills. He struggles to connect with 10,000 fans instead of the 100 fans that he has had to entertain over the last few years at HUA. Oliver could be a great candidate as a future Paul Heyman guy.

With Oliver, he might be the next Kurt Angle, but he might be the next Nathan Jones too. Head booker Jon Gruden has to be able to mold Oliver to be the future of the Oakland Territory. The territory has failed to live up to expectations under Gruden who is still trying to book Crash Style Football like Vince Russo.

New York Jets: DL: Quinnen Williams – Alabama Crimson Tide Association: Trained by Nick Saban

Coming from the Nick Saban learning tree, Quinnen Williams has all the tools you need in order to develop into a future main event talent. Williams ability to tell a story in the ring has improved year over year at ACTA.

The big concern with Quinnen Williams is will Williams be able to handle the road travel that comes with being called up to the NFL right away. There are sources within the business that say he needs time in NXT to develop into a NFL talent.

If the New York Jets sign Williams, they have a consolation prize if they miss out on Oliver. There is room for a great feud between Oliver and Williams that could be the next Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart if the story is told correctly.

Arizona Cardinals: CB: Greedy Williams – Louisiana State University Wrestling: Trained by Ed Orgeron 

Greedy Williams is a pure shooter. He has had consistent Five Star coverage skills against the top performers in the industry. Williams has shown flashes of brilliance as an old school type similar to Lou Thesz and Darrell Green.

Greedy Williams has spent a lot of time working around the world with CMLL, NJPW, and Progress in order to develop the most complete package out of anyone the draft other than Nick Bosa.

The Cardinals desperately need a CB here. Williams has had great matches on the independent scene during WrestleMania weekend which has him rocketing up Mel Kiper Jr’s big board.

Detroit Lions: EDGE: Josh Allen – Kentucky Explosive Federation University: Trained by Mark Stoops

This brand split will have a high run on defensive players and Josh Allen will be no different. The Lions need defensive play makers under new booker Matt Patricia who has really changed the presentation of the Detroit territory after taking over for Jim Caldwell.

Josh Allen reminds me a lot of a young Bill Goldberg. He needs to really focus in his first season on the main roster of not being the next Goldberg but being the first Josh Allen on the Lions. Allen has an incredible edge rush finishing move that he can hit from nowhere.

He can really use time on NXT to learn how to translate his charisma to the NFL audience. If the Lions are patient with Allen and they don’t try to have him main event RAW his first year, he can be a guy who carries the Detroit Lions brand for decades to come.


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