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Let’s Predict All the Twitter Reactions for the 2018 CFP National Championship Game

Contrary to what the UCF Knights think, this season’s college football champion has yet to be crowned. That’ll happen after the Dawgs from Georgia take on Saban’s Death Star in Atlanta.

As you can imagine, having two SEC programs duke it out for championship has caused quite the reaction on the interwebz, and the chatter is only going to intensify come Monday night. The SEC hate always flows through us, but what else can we confidently assume will go down on the TL prior, during and after the game?

You know we’ll get to roast Darren Rovell for his relevant-but-mostly-irrelevant gems he’ll drop during the game and we’ll chuckle at Michael Jordan’s cry face plastered on one of the team’s mascot or famous alums, but here are the themes I believe we’ll see more than a lil’ bit come Monday…

UCF = (insert wrestling reference here)

It’s weird that “nobody watches wrestling” but everybody references it given the chance. That’s not going to change come Monday as err body is going to think they’re clever by joking that UCF will interfere in the SEC deathmatch for the title.

“UCF and (insert winner here) after the game be like…”

“The Knights are going to go all Biz Cliz on the Dawgs and Tide.”

I guaran-damn-tee our timelines are going to be filled with rasslin’ gifs. Real original, guys. Wait…

Creep On, Playa

I love this game with all honesty,
But I know it’s cheating on me

Look, we’ve been treated to some thrilling games during the CFP’s four-year run, but you have to admit it feels like we’ve been cheated more this season than any other. UCF’s run this year was stuff straight out of a Disney movie, but imagine if they got to face off against Alabama? It would be the ultimate David vs. Goliath story in college football history.

As soon as the NCAA decided to implement a four-team playoff, you knew peeps were going to call for expanding the field. So I’m going to go out on a limb and predict bracket creep is going to be very prevalent Monday, regardless of the outcome.

Don’t Get Woke, Stay Woke

I’m sorry I’m not sorry, #sticktosports crowd. With The Donald set to take in Kendrick Lamar’s halftime performance and a new Black Panther trailer dropping Monday, things are going to get political.

If Trump shows up, you’ll see stuff like this…

If he doesn’t, which he more than likely won’t because of this, you can imagine how those tweets are going to go.

Add how much #fortheculture weight the Black Panther movie has tied to it and we have the makings of a powder keg set to go off.

I’m here for this.


Some journalist or talking head (see: Nick Wright, Skip Bayless) will go all in on the “Can Georgia/Alabama beat the Cleveland Browns?” narrative and turn Twitter into a wasteland. I know it. You know it. We all know it.

There’s no way a team full of teenagers can survive even a quarter against a squad full of dudes with Grown Man Strength, but we’ll all talk about it anyway. Yes, the Browns have turned losing into an art form and they’ve gotten so good at it their own fans throw a parade for losing, but come on now.

You know what? I think I’m talking myself into…

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