2015 Fantasy Football Spotlight: Divisional Roster Breakdowns

Every year as our favorite sports seasons roll around, many of us become entrenched in the fascinating, growing business that is fantasy sports. I’m one and the same, having been involved with all of the fantasy sports for many years. Last year, more than 33 million people participated in fantasy football, and the industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar endeavor, with more and more people becoming hooked every day. It’s exciting, heartbreaking, frustrating, and just so damn fun. It drives us crazy but inevitably we’re right back there the next season ready to do it all over again.



Matthew Berry isn’t wrong when he says that fantasy is a way of life, and every fantasy fanatic I know pores over rankings and listens to podcasts and reads article after article every year to try to get an edge and win that all-important league. Here at NoCoastBias we thought we’d throw our hats in the ring as well and provide some insight from our end for your reading pleasure.

With football season approaching, we’re mired in the summer lull that follows the draft, after OTAs and before official training camps. This is the time we in the fantasy world are scrambling to figure every impossible thing out. I’m not so sure why this all has to happen right now, because literally nothing in fantasy sports ever goes as planned. The coaches lie about who is important, people fall in love with any random that has his name tossed out (Hello Duke Johnson), and sometimes idiots spend too much time playing with fireworks or shoot unlicensed firearms because it seems we can’t expect an athlete to do the smart thing.

Over the next couple weeks, our coverage will focus on this unpredictable world of football,  providing fantasy-focused roster outlooks for the upcoming season broken down by division.

Release Dates to Note:

For the purpose of this upcoming segment, we’ll be dropping some key names to keep an eye out for in your drafts.

  • Bustworthy Beauty: Any player who is expected to fall flat on their face this season and vastly under-perform their ADP
  • Sleeping Sweetheart: A player who you might not have considered, often in a deeper league in which at the end of the draft we’re pulling names out of a hat and hoping for something special
  • PPR Princess: This player excels in leagues which count points per reception and vault their value higher due to this twist on standard scoring
  • Dynasty Darling: A name for the future, someone to target well above their standard ADP in dynasty or keeper leagues, factoring in a combination of talent and longevity

And remember, whenever the fantasy season has you down and you’re over fantasy football for the millionth time, Coach Taylor believes in you.




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