Fantasy Football Team Names 2014

Fantasy Football drafts will be starting in the upcoming weeks and one of the more important steps to building your team is finding the right team name that your opponents will fear.  We at No Coast Bias understand how nerve-racking this process can be, so we’d like to do our part and help you decide on a name so that the rest of your summer can be enjoyed, at least until your draft day(s) arrive.

These names were carefully and creatively critiqued and chosen by numerous NCB staff  members with Fantasy Football experience [so they must be good, right!?].


1point21jjwatts 1.21 J.J.Watts

– A Rivers Run Through It
– Baby Cutlet
– Belichick’s Excellent Adventure
– B-I-N-Gio
– Cecil-ute Your Shorts
– Everyday I’m Russellin’
– Foles In Different Area Codes
– For Whom the Bell Foles

geno-911Geno 911

– Gould-finger
– Gronky-tooonk Badonkadonk
– I Love Gooooouuullllddd
– I Think I’m Gonna Burfict
– Insane Clowney Posse
– It’s Elementary, My Dear Watkins
– Joique to the World
– Maid Arian of Nottingham
– Me and Marvin Jones
– Odell it on the Mountain
– Phil Dawnphy
– Pretty Boy Flacco
– She Got Ass Fortes
– Talib D’Qwelli
– Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
– The Hurt Locker
– The Island of Dr. Revis
– Wake Me Up Before You Romo
– Worrilow Ufgood



gt_backscatter_tsa_agent_630x420_121217Aldon Smith’s Airport Etiquette Class

– Bowe-dacious
– Boykin He Run
– Clowney Shoes
– Corduroy Patterson
– Ebron James
– First-Down Brown
– Jordan Cameron, the Pass-catcher
– Kuech-ing it Old School
– LeBron’s Next Runners Up
– Let’s Berry the Hatchet
– Lets Wheaton The Deal
– Love Ertz
– Manziel in Distress
– Martellus How You Really Feel
– McNown or Forever Hold Your Peace
– Nice Cool Brees
– Niner and Dine Her
– Odell Naw!!
– Pey the Manning
– Peyton Picture, It’ll Last Longer
– Pitta Bread
– Polamalu-poeia
– Prater God It Goes In
– Scam Newton
– Shazier Me Timbers
– Spiller Guts
– Succops and Brown Nosers
– The Jolly Rodgers
– Touchy-Feely
– Witten You Like to Know



– #NoRomo
– A Lil Sankey-Panky
– Breaston Plants
– I Don’t Give a Flying Luck
– Gore-gasms
gronkifyourehornyGronk If You’re Horny

– HaHa Monica Likes Clinton Dix
– He-Man Woman Beater’s Club
– Jizz-ele Bundchen
– Johnny Eightball

special browniesJosh Gordon’s Special Brownies

– Bust a Kaep in his Ass
– Trim your Harry Douglas
– Vaccar-di 151



– D’Meco’s Chicken and Waffles
– Gio Metro
– Helu Kitty
– Hey, You Sunk My Bortleship
– Insta-Graham

framily-goredonIt’s Pronounced, Gore Don

– Jaworski Diamonds
– LaRon Landry’s Bane Workout Video
– Mike Toblerone
– The More You Poe, The More You Grow
– There’s A Sapp For That


Feel free to add more team names for our readers in the comment box below.  You can also check out last year’s Fantasy Team Names from our very own, Bryan Gottula.




  1. Josh

    July 22, 2014 at 9:15 am

    I like the #NoRomo name, but it might get you fined. 🙂 Tons more like these at!

  2. Josh A

    July 22, 2014 at 9:23 am

    Nice list. Just like your 2013 edition! I like either NoRomo or Don’t Give a Flying Luck. If someone’s interested in more of these check out – good luck everyone!

  3. Tom Carr

    May 14, 2015 at 7:56 am

    The Cannabis Cowboys have ruled Death Row Fantasy Hockey (DRFH) since their inception

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