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2012 Notre Dame Football Predictions

The captains have been chosen, the game plan has been set, and the Fighting Irish will take the field in just three short days. What does the 2012 football season have in store for the Notre Dame faithful? Here are my thoughts and predictions.

The season has not even begun, and we have four suspended players. What exactly is going on with this team? There seems to be a definite lack of leadership in the locker room, and it is time for someone to step up, and teach by example. When a senior running back is suspended for breaking the rules, you have to wonder what in the world is happening.

Even with four players sitting out, there is plenty of talent on this Irish squad to start the season on a winning note. That being said, I think it is time for Coach Kelly to end the quarterback merry-go-round, select a starter, and stick with him for the duration of the season. Nothing can replace time and experience when you are developing a quarterback. This in one week, out the next routine has got to stop if this team is going to be successful moving forward. Leadership in the quarterback position must be put in place and cultivated.

Yesterday, Coach Brian Kelly named his four captains, Tyler Eifert, Zack Martin on offense, Kapron Lewis-Moore on defense as well as Manti Te’o. Hopefully these four men can bring some order into the house, which seems a little chaotic right now, and return the focus to the Irish. It’s time to remove all outside distractions and focus on the task at hand.

Okay, so here they are, my 2012 Notre Dame football predictions. I know that many people will feel that, if this is truly how the season ends, that it will be a step back for the program. But have you looked at this schedule lately? Even Jack Swarbrick himself said that the AD should be fired for lining up this schedule. And so here it is, without further ado.

September 1, Notre Dame vs. Navy – Win

September 8, Notre Dame vs. Purdue – Win

September 15, Notre Dame vs Michigan State – Loss

September 22, Notre Dame vs. Michigan – Loss

October 6, Notre Dame vs. Miami – Win

October 13, Notre Dame vs. Stanford – Loss

October 20, Notre Dame vs. BYU – Win

October 27, Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma – Loss

November 3, Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh – Win

November 11, Notre Dame vs. Boston College – Win

November 17, Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest – Win

November 24, Notre Dame at USC – Loss

Who knows, maybe I need to start drinking more of the kool-aid, but that’s how I see it as of today.

Now bring on the Midshipmen, and lets get this season started!

Cheers! & GO Irish!




  1. Jim

    August 29, 2012 at 11:41 am

    Great article, however, I’m going to take exception with you on 2 games. I have a hunch ND will prevail over Michigan and Stanford. Don’t ask why, just believe : )

    And don’t be too surprised if the Leprechaun gets the best Sparty in East Lansing : ) Just saying.

    GO IRISH!!

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